Roadtirement’s veggies are growing


Green Beans








We are seeing some good growth of vegetables in our garden. We’re looking forward to some harvest activity later!

25 thoughts on “Roadtirement’s veggies are growing

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  2. YAY!! Your plants look great!

    My neighbor’s zucchini plants all got white mildew. Bummer!
    I have 1 or 2 tomato plants sprouting from last year’s fallen fruit (after wildlife ate part) and bought 2 cherry tomato plants last week. My green onions are doing well and will soon be used in a quiche.


  3. Nice garden. After losing a few tomatoes to some critter that ate perfectly round circles out them, we have to pick our tomatoes green. Instead of vine ripened tomatoes, we’ve settled on paper bag ripened ones. They still taste better than store bought.


    • We have had critter trouble too this year. The robins have hit the strawberries, the rabbits took out a fair amount of the sweet corn sprouts, and something smashed down two sections of the green beans last night. We feel like somehow we have fooled Mother Nature. (Remember those ads?) Be safe and stay healthy!


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