A different 10th anniversary for Roadtirement

Our comfortable site near Austin

Right to the point, today is the tenth week anniversary of the beginning of our self- imposed isolation which began on February 25th.

Sher and I were on our Winter Texan living when the coronavirus thing was starting to heat up big time. We got out of Seattle in the end of January after visiting our daughter and her family, just before that Nursing home COVID-19 outbreak was reported. We were in our RV Resort in the Hill Country west of Austin. We’d planned on finishing February in Austin, and then heading to the Rio Grande Valley for March.

As the media brought more and more accounts of an upcoming pandemic, regardless of source, we decided that we would be better off in our home base in Indiana. As it turned out, that was a good decision because as things got worse most RV parks and campgrounds closed. So we got back to our house on February 25th.

Nearly empty lot at Cracker Barrel: carry out only

That began what is now our tenth week in “isolation”. We are both over 65, and I have more than one of those pesky underlying health issues that make for a scary scenario if the coronavirus infects us. So for the past 10 weeks we have been basically stuck at home. We’ve been out just a few times, with our son driving. He has been going to the grocery and pharmacy for us.  The only retail place that Sher and I have visited was a farm store for some flowers. We stayed outside and way away from other customers and store staff.

The State of Indiana is now going through a series of stages getting back to “normal”. By July 4th any restrictions will almost be gone. There will still be warnings for us old folks with underlying health issues. We are supposed to “adhere to social distancing guidelines and remain cautious at work and in (sic) our communities” so states the Back On Track Indiana recommendations in Stage 5.

Roadtirement has had 70 days of isolation. We will have to decide what activities will be safe for us. I don’t think either of us can afford to catch this damned virus, and so far there is no treatment or vaccine.  Sigh…

18 thoughts on “A different 10th anniversary for Roadtirement

  1. It’s got to be so frustrating for you!! But you are definitely doing the right thing. This way, you will no doubt have many joyful years ahead for RV’ing once this virus is under control. I have no underlying health issues at all but I am almost 60 (July) and a “mild” case of it wiped me out for a month!


  2. It’s must be rough on folks who hoped to spend their golden years traveling in an RV cause you’re right – so many of the parks are closed. I just heard Gov Cuomo say that most of the cases were folks in their fifties! Yikes!


    • It is anybody’s guess what the “new normal” will be for RV parks. Will any of the amenities, e.g. laundry, exercise rooms, pools still be open? And if they are, will they be safe? I guess it comes down to when (or if) they come up with a viable treatment and/or vaccine. Thanks so much for the visit and the nice comment.


  3. Just tweet Trump any concerns that you have and, if you add that you love him, I’m sure he’ll see to it that they’re taken care of.

    P.S. If I were you, I wouldn’t mention that, like me, you’re over 65 and have underlying health issues. We seem to be expendable.


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