Roadtirement’s tomato plantings

One thing we have decided to pursue during our stay at home isolation is grow some garden plants. We went ahead and started some tomato plants inside, as per recommendations. Our son cut some plastic water bottles in half and used some self sterilized soil for the inside seed beds.

Photo taken April 10th

Photo taken April 19th







The April 10th photo shows the tomato seedlings. You can see in the April 19th shot how much the tomato seedlings have grown. In addition, the two containers in the foreground are peppers. We are hopeful that we’ll get some tomatoes and peppers after we transplant the seedlings.

We have a small garden plot in the backyard.  Hopefully we will reap the rewards of same. We’ll keep you posted…

16 thoughts on “Roadtirement’s tomato plantings

  1. I recommend parsley, basil, mint, and other spices. They grow very fast and they are very useful, especially now. Toamtoes are also a great idea, just keep in mind that you need a big pot for when the plant grows. 🙂


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