Today we began to set up for the show

Today we decided to set up all of our new tables and to begin to get our goods ready for the Florida Flywheelers

Getting the goods out and priced.

Getting the goods out and priced.

show that starts next week. This is the first time that we have set up the new to us frames and boards instead of our usual long and heavy tables. You can see the frames and boards in the photo clearly.

Part of the day’s work was to arrange the ‘tables’ the way we thought would provide the best trffic flow for our customers. Also we decided what things to put where. We are going to have the old tools on the tables next to the road. This will attract more attention from the men and get them to turn down our aisle in their golf carts or ATV’s or whatever they are driving. Then when they stop the ladies will see the necklaces on a seperate table. Beyond that will be the “Antique” type things including the old leather elephants, the brass vases from Senegal and the wooden round end table from Spain. We also have a lot of nice glassware for sale.

Anyway, we also put price tags on all the things we had bought at the auctions. It is always better if you have everything priced because a lot of people just won’t ask what your asking price is for something. How do we price our things? Well, often we know what things are going for, and if not, google is your friend. (So is eBay if you look at the sold listings.) We did pick up a nice wood carving at a recent auction. We didn’t really plan on getting it but it was put in a lot with an item we did want. Turns out the carving is by a very well known artist whose similar carvings have sold for as high as $450! Maybe this will be one of those great (and lucky) finds.

A long, busy but productive day. We even made our first sale of the show, before the show started. The porcelain enamel street sign from New Bridgeport, Mass. is gone from our inventory.

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