Arrived at Florida Flywheeler show grounds today

Today started early! We moved from our parking spot at the cafe and got in line at the Florida Flywheelers at 4:00 am! We did not reserve our spot after the January show, and we wanted to get the same spot which was one with electric and on the end of a row. (This was important so we could drive in and out of the grounds at will. If we had a space in a line of vendors we would be trapped.)

We got in the grounds at 8:00. We did get the spot we needed. Paid the $65 for our vendor spot and what will be 11 days of camping! That is only $5.90 a day for a spot with electric. The show runs Feb. 18 to the 21st but the grounds opened today.

I got our table boards and frames set outside and got the electric hooked up. (Had to use the extension cord this time to reach the shore service pole.) With the TV antennae up we could get several local broadcast channels. We will start to unload our things to sell tomorrow, and may set up the tent then.

The rest of the day was relaxed, with some online work and even a nice nap. The grounds were really wet when we got here, but the sunshine today really began to dry things out. We will be set up here for 11 days, with at least one trip to a nearby town for supplies before the show opens next Wednesday.


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