Highway 40 Yard Sale starts May 31, 2023

U.S. Highway 40, also known as the National Road, begins in Baltimore and runs west for 824 miles and ends in St. Louis. Since 2003 a remarkable event takes place along the entire route. The week following Memorial Day thousands of people set up flea market type displays on the sides of the road, selling everything you can think of.

This year the sale starts on Wednesday, May 31 and runs through Sunday, June 4th. You’ll start to see people setting up as early as Sunday May 28th. Many different places turn into both large and small markets. Parking lots, large and small fields, front yards, churches, empty building lots all transform into individual antique, flea market and craft booths. Lots of folks who live on Highway 40 take advantage of the event and have their own yard sale.

Sellers stay all week with their goods

Buyers include serious antique collectors, hobby collectors, and people looking for unique bargains and treasures. Some folks travel hundreds of miles over several days while others just cruise 40 in their own county. The sale really has a festival feel, and it is exciting when you find that special item! For more information on being a seller or a buyer see their Facebook page.


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