We enjoyed great food and great music at The Maison on Frenchmen Street New Orleans

Sher and I visited New Orleans in January, 2018, the beginning of the 300th year anniversary of the Big Easy. On one of our evenings in town we found a great place to both have a great meal and to listen to some fabulous live jazz music. We had been to the Market and another live music bar and decided we wanted to get something to eat. I had seen The Maison on the web, so I recognized the sign.

Maison @508 Frenchmen

We were seated right away at a table just a few feet from the stage, which was already occupied with the Baby Giants Jazz Band! Doug, our waiter, appeared right away and showed us the drink menu. Sher ordered a “Dixie Revival” made with tequila and grapefruit juice and some other good stuff. Once I took a sip of hers, I had to have one myself. What a great drink!

The Giant Babies Jazz Band

Enjoying our “Dixie Revival” cocktails

We then ordered our dinners. Sher ordered the Penne Primavera, pasta with seasonal vegetables sautéed in a Creole garlic and butter sauce. I opted for the Cochon de Lait Poboy, a Cajun style slow roasted pulled pork dressed with coleslaw and drizzled with Barbeque sauce, and with a side of fries. It seemed like in no time our plates were brought to us. I actually declared “Wow” out-loud when I saw my Poboy and the huge pile of fries!

Check out that bowl of pasta and that huge Poboy and pile of fries!

The food was absolutely decadent. Sher said her vegetarian pasta was the best that she has ever had. The Poboy was my first, but I just loved the pork on that bed of coleslaw in the bun. And those fries came out almost too hot to touch, so they stayed hot and crisp throughout the meal. I don’t think either one of us could have been more pleased. Hats off to our waiter Doug who took care of us. Even when all of the tables in the room occupied he still was able to continue to serve us. We had a wonderful evening in true Big Easy style that day.


16 thoughts on “We enjoyed great food and great music at The Maison on Frenchmen Street New Orleans

  1. My favorite city! I believe I enjoyed a previous reincarnation there. My first visit there (199something) accompanying my 1st wife to a business convention, we didn’t stay near The Quarter, but when we took a bus there & stepped off on Decatur, I knew my way around like I’d been there for years, turned to her and said, “Maybe we can get into a show at Preservation Hall; it’s a couple blocks down & just around the corner. ”
    I think I was a jazzman. For my birthday (waaaaay back in my Senior year of high school) my friend Carl gave me an alto sax (an instrument I’d never touched before) and I noodled around with it for about half an hour & rattled off a more-than-halfway decent version of St. James Infirmary (a tune I’d only heard a few times before) which totally blew away my friend.
    I gotta get back there. Pass the beignet, please.
    Thanks for sharing.

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