Sunset Beach at Tarpon Springs offers free concerts

This is a recap of a delightful experience we had at a beach near Tarpon Springs, Florida a few years back. We had been selling our wares at shows and markets and took advantage of a break for some R&R.

The bandstand at sunset on the beach

Bonfire on the beach, doesn’t get any better

We had left the Sponge Docks shopping and attractions area and were headed towards one of the Tarpon Springs beaches. We wanted to see the sun set over the Gulf. We ended up at Sunset Beach and much to our surprise and delight we spotted signs for a free concert on the beach that evening.

When we first pulled up in our RV a nice lady stopped us and she thought we were one of the food vendors there to set up! Once she realized we were not the food truck she politely directed us to the other parking areas.

Sunset Beach is just beautiful. The covered stage was perfect for live music, and everyone of the many folks there enjoyed the music, the bonfire and the available refreshments.

Good food, reasonable prices!

The sunset was stunning: one of those cloudless events that brought a beautiful orange hue to the entire skyline. It was pretty windy, but folks just bundled up, brought their own chairs, and enjoyed the band. Free marshmallows and sticks were also provided for everyone who wanted a toasted marshmallow.

We checked the Tarpon Springs website, and in 2022 the free concerts are still being offered. This is the link to the concert information. 

5 thoughts on “Sunset Beach at Tarpon Springs offers free concerts

  1. There is a nice public beach and boat launch nearby. Turn left out of the sponge docks, go over the Anclote River bridge and take the first left. There is a dandy party store across the street from the park entrance. Or, there used to be…


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