New Orleans’ famed above ground tombs in St Louis Cemetery No. 1

We consider our trip to New Orleans one of, if not the favorite place we have visited during our travels. It was four years ago, but the memories are still fresh. Hope you enjoy our photos of the famed above ground tombs.


St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 was established via a Royal Spanish Land Grant in 1789. It was originally outside the city limits, and was at least twice its current size. The Archdiocese of New Orleans now has control of this cemetery. Currently the only way you can get into the cemetery is with a licensed tour guide. Unfortunately vandalism has forced this action.

Multiple designs for the tombs, some fancy and some plain

The famed above ground tombs and wall tombs are designed for use by generation after generation. Many of the tombs are owned by individual families. Some of the very large tombs are known as society tombs where several families or groups have combined resources.  The laws dictate that a year and a day passes before an additional burial is permitted. As you would expect, there are many well-known, famous and infamous people whose tombs are located in…

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8 thoughts on “New Orleans’ famed above ground tombs in St Louis Cemetery No. 1

  1. Now you’re making me miss NO, and I was just there briefly last summer. I grew up in Baton Rouge, and NO was like a second home for me. Great town. The local food there is unbelievable.


    • Hear-hear! on the unbelievable cuisine. Either going to or leaving NO (don’t remember which) we stopped and set up and sold our jewelry at a flea market in Baton Rouge, somewhere right off I-10. Wish we could do NO together sometime.

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  2. I’m convinced I had a previous lifetime as a jazz musician in New Orleans. On my 1st visit there (1975-ish) my (now) Ex and I took a taxi to the French Quarter, and when I stepped out onto Decatur, I knew I’d been there before, new my way around; led us (unerringly) to Preservation Hall and knew what new block was coming up before we got there.
    We only visited twice. I think I enjoyed Visit # 2 better because it was New Year’s Eve & we got to do the countdown to Midnight TWICE (once for the Eastern Time Zone TV Audience and again for the locals! ) Whoop whoop!!
    Thanks for sharing!


    • Oh my, you have my attention. I got chills hearing about your experience. Do you play?? The double NYE celebration sounded way too cool. We’ve thought about going back for Mardi Gras, but may consider New Year’s instead. Thanks for sharing your trips.


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