The stretching bear

A big stretch always feels great

The bear was enjoying the sunshine on a cold winter’s day during the annual “Christmas at the Zoo” celebration each holiday season at the Indianapolis Zoo.


12 thoughts on “The stretching bear

  1. Are we protecting when we confine them or does it in fact destroy what their life should have been? While we may keep a species alive, what are we changing and interrupting in the process?


      • A few miles up the road from me is the Ashboro Zoological Park. A few more miles is another in South Carolina. Both are designed to give the animals a sense of freedom and movement. While it isn’t a barred cage, it is still a cage. They cannot do the things that is a part of their ancestry. Even if born in captivity, those things such as the desire to migrate is there. Part of who they are, what they would normally do in the wild is taken away. Yes, they may be safer, it may keep the species among us, but is it living?

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      • You make valid points, no argument here at all. The fact remains that any species kept in captivity is not, nor can not live as he/she would “in the wilds”. Thank you again for sharing in our discussion.

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