Casino on an apparent slow day

It was another frigid cold Saturday in Central Indiana. After a trip to a local winery we noticed that there weren’t many cars at the Indiana Grand Casino. We thought let’s drive around a bit.

Street level view of the Casino, Main Entrance behind the large sign

Apparently there was some construction ongoing as there was equipment around the entrance and Valet Parking was closed. We drove into the parking garage. There were a decent amount of cars on the first two levels. By the time we got to the open top level, there were less than a handful of vehicles.

Few cars in the open air parking lot. This view is from the top level of the parking garage.

View of the empty race track from the garage roof. Racing will start again in April

We chose to not park and go into the casino. It’s a miserable and cold day. With the Omicron covid still a threat it did not seem like a wise thing to partake of today. We’ll just head back home and enjoy a glass of wine.

10 thoughts on “Casino on an apparent slow day

  1. When it’s enough to keep people out of the gambling hall it’s a seriously, whiny cold day. Best to enjoy a good wine at home.


  2. I would wager (no pun intended!) that it’s the fear of omicron that’s keeping out of the Casino, not the cold day. I mean, you go from your warm house to your warm car to the warm Casino … it’s not like you’re walking to the Casino! & if you are … you’ve got a wicked gambling jones & you’re not going to care about the cold.


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