Visited a local Mexican restaurant

We had heard lots of good reports about one of the newer restaurants nearby. The Cholula Mexican restaurant touts itself as “an authentic Mexican restaurant”. That claim is 100% on target.

Looks like Mexico

Colorful dining room







The decor of the facility is most definitely appropriate for the restaurant. The brightly colored tables and chairs are fun to sit at.  Wall decorations include Mexican items and there are even two large vintage B&W photo murals on the walls. But what counts is the fare.

A cow watches you enjoying chips and salsa

Now that’s a margarita!






The food is absolutely delicious. We’ve enjoyed authentic Mexican cuisine in many  places in Texas and frankly Cholula is just as good as any we have been to, and better than some! The choices we made were delicious and filling.

Sher’s vegetarian meal

Maj’s chicken & beef burritos w/rice






The staff at Cholula is a delightful crew providing excellent, friendly and timely service. All staff were wearing masks, and table cleaning techniques were observed to be thorough between patrons. Cholula says it best: “Independent Mexican restaurant from the beautiful city of Cholula, Puebla. Come try our variety of unrivaled authentic dishes and drinks leaving you with a real taste of Mexico.” We couldn’t have said it better.

19 thoughts on “Visited a local Mexican restaurant

  1. I absolutely love those painted chairs. In my area (New Jersey,) I have seen Cholula brand hot sauce in stores and in restaurants. I had no idea until now that there was an associated restaurant. If I’m ever in your area, I’d love to visit this restaurant.


      • I found the official website for the hot sauce. It is made in Mexico. I did not see any indication of a connection with the restaurant. In any case, the restaurant you visited looks fantastic. 🙂


  2. We love Mexican food, not that we know much about it, as we are pretty new to it. I love Chimichunga and am coming around to re-fried beans. And they have to build a good margarita, and no straw, and not served in a plastic water glass. That is a insult to the margarita’s of the world.


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