Here we go again

Yep, more danged snow: enough already!

We had a day without snow, but with frigid temperatures. Some more snow was predicted, maybe an inch or so. However we had another “woke up, looked out and said wow” moment. We got another 5 inches of the white stuff. Fortunately we have been blessed with no interruptions in any of our utility suppliers.

20 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Y’know, when I first moved here to the Hinterland (VT’s Canadian border, 30 years ago) i thought scenes like this one (even ones w/ even more snow) were truly beautiful. I still do, but I’d rather look at them on a screen, from a distance. Maybe My Beloved Sandra and I will bump into you guys on the road sometime.

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  2. We got about sixteen inches down here, which is rare! The snow is beautiful, but these single-digit temps are fierce on my poor bones. And I’ve been praying for Texas, they’ve really had it bad! Here’s hoping you both stay safe and warm! Blessings!

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