18 thoughts on “Washington Redskins drop their name and logo

  1. Times change. Our miner league team was the Albuquerque Dodgers, then the Albuquerque Dukes ( from Duke City — after Duque de Albuquerque in Spain). Now they are the Isotopes.


  2. Years ago, Cleveland dropped the logo. (I grew up there). I can understand visuals that might make people uncomfortable, but it seems there are more important ways to help Native Americans than changing a ball team’s name.


  3. Indigenous people have been asking sports teams to change these racist names (and “R**s****” is about as offensive as the N-word) for about the last 50 or 60 years, so this is a very pleasing development. I note that they cited their sponsors as the reason, rather than the fact that Indigenous people have been campaigning about it for half a century.

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  4. Here in Alberta, the Edmonton professional football team is called the Edmonton Eskimos. Apparently the name was chosen by an Edmonton sports team more than 100 years ago out of acknowledgement for the perseverance and hardiness of Inuit culture. (Canadian Inuits don’t call themselves Eskimos. Eskimo is a historical word that the Algonquian First Nation used to describe the Inuit. It was not a word that the Inuit took offence to at the time.) The Canadian Encyclopedia says the word Eskimo is offensive – but they don’t say why.
    Under continued pressure, the Eskimos have agreed to change their name. It is probably the safest route these days.

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