We now have a store on Etsy

We have opened a store on the Etsy site. You can easily access our store through the page listing in the header, above, or at the link here: Roadtirement Vintage

WordPress insists on a Business Plan in order to install the Etsy plug-in. Nope, we are not going to make that spend. You are, however, most welcome to visit our Etsy store.

Currently we have our hand crafted beaded necklaces and Maj’s hand sewn leather medicine bags listed in our Etsy store Roadtirement Vintage. We will soon be be adding to our inventory by listing antiques and other vintage items as well.

Beaded necklace

Hand sewn medicine bag









We are excited about this new venture for us. The virus thing has kept us away from our usual means of marketing. Hopefully this Etsy site will allow us to share our products with our blogging and traveling friends.

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