Power outage…..seriously?

Yep, the storm last night caused a power outage. The Electric utility company sent out a text at about 5 am telling us that our power was out. Expected to be fixed by 8:30 am.

Next text at 7:15 am reporting that the power was back on. Yes, Amazon Echo did light up. For about 4 minutes, it was on, then off again.

Next text at 7:20 am again stating “a power outage has been identified in your area and may impact (our address). The current estimated time for restoration is 9:15 am on May 18”.

Next text at 9:45 am puts the restoration at 12:30 pm. Outage caused by equipment damage. Dang, I need coffee!

Sher and I are now in our RV in the drive way. The on board generator is purring along smoothly. We are having coffee (whew), enjoying TV via the broadcast bat-wing antenna, and kind of like being back on the road. Well, not really, but we are glad we have the opportunity to have coffee and internet via our phone hotspots. There is something nice about hearing the rain on the RV’s roof.

Power outage, yet another aggravation during this COVID-19 thing. Sigh…..

26 thoughts on “Power outage…..seriously?

      • For whatever the reason, once in a while an image just won’t render on the site but it does in the Editor, why!!! So frustrating. I uploaded that to my Instagram. My family sold RV’s in the late 70’s when I was in high school, we traveled to upper Michigan for snowmobiling very frequently in motor homes, such wonderful memories! I have no issue with living in one since I once again in this life live alone. Divorce….

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  1. At least your power company alerts you. When we have power outages we have to call PNM and tell them we don’t have power. They are like “Really? We don’t show an outage in your area!” I tell them the meter is blank, and there is no power. Eventually they get the power back on, but we can never assume that PNM knows there is a power outage. The last power outage we had about a month ago, I learned a guy was cutting down a tree, it fell on the power lines and started a fire. At least there was some excitement on for the guy, the fire department and PNM. Often power failures are cause by raccoons shorting out the transformers.

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      • That’s pretty good. The power outage before the guy who cut down the tree, our power came back on three hours after PNM’s predicted time for power to be restored. We are still the wild west out here with wild variations in predictability .

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