COVID-19 empty park

Not a soul in sight

Sher and I took a drive the other day as the weather was nice even though a tad bit on the cool side. As our son hadn’t been out for a while either, he graciously drove.

We started our jauntย  driving around town, and we immediately noticed that there was a fair amount of traffic out on the streets. No pedestrians in sight, with the exception of a fellow with a carry-out order from a local restaurant.

No children laughing and romping around today

Then it was off to a local city park. The attached photos are the result. The nice shiny new playground equipment had been closed with caution tape. The normally busy park was empty. We did enjoy getting out for a while, maintaining social distance. Heck, we stayed in the car! We do not know how the upcoming “open the country back up” suggestions will affect us. Without a vaccine or real effective treatment we’re not sure when it will be safe for us to get back to normal, whatever that “new normal” will look like.

Stay safe and healthy out there, folks!

11 thoughts on “COVID-19 empty park

  1. I’d stay in the car too. So sad the playground, imagine all of that pent up energy these kids have, corked up inside. Poor parents too. Plenty of cars on the roads here but not so many pedestrians, most are wisely wearing masks. Be safe guys. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜ž


  2. We intend to carry on with what we are doing for the foreseeable future even as the country opens up and even if it is a long long wait for a vaccine. If it becomes possible to be tested for antibodies then we will both go for that but I figure that is a long way off given so many frontline and essential workers who really need it and so many more vulnerable than us by dint of age or pre-existing conditions. So in the absence of that, we will carry on wearing mask and gloves when we have to visit a store, only going out when absolutely necessary (which does include walking our dogs) and maintaining at least the mandated social distance when we are amongst others. It’s not much to look forward to but we are a long time dead and I, for one, am not ready to tempt the reaper with a foolish early dance. Stay very safe – I’ve only just found you so I would rather not lose you now!!


    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. Sher and I are both in the age group and I have some “underlying health issues”. We are anxious to get back to our selling at festivals, shows and flea markets. We also love live theater. When we can get back to these safely is our concern and question. We don’t go to stores as our son can make those runs for us. Blessings……

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  3. I saw my first caution-taped park on Thurs. Seems so odd.

    I saw that in addition to Florida, Ventura decided to open some beaches this weekend. I wouldn’t mind watching waves from my car if local beaches reopen but will otherwise continue social distancing till I have far better assurances that it’s reasonably safe to get near people!

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