The haunted Willard Library

Willard Library reading room

Willard Library reading room

Evansville, Indiana is home to one of the most documented haunted structures in the country. The library,  a private enterprise, opened in 1881. The beautiful building is filled with period furnishings and some magnificent interior wood work. Here is the main library website. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.

The Willard library started its journey as a haunted site in the 1930’s. A custodian was greeted one evening by the vision of an apparition that is now known as “The Gray Lady”. This translucent form has made many more appearances throughout the decades and has been seen by many. No one knows for sure who this ghost is nor the reason for her continued presence in the library.

One thing for certain is the fact that strange and unexplained happenings have and continue to occur in the building. Water faucets have mysteriously found to be opened, books have been moved and other objects have been found in new places. No one feels that the lady is malevolent but her identity remains a mystery.

2nd floor conference room

2nd floor conference room

One of the "Ghost Cams"

One of the “Ghost Cams”






Some feel that other spirits other than the Gray Lady also haunt the library. Interest in the hauntings have resulted in many paranormal investigations. Photographic evidence abounds that shows what many think can only be apparitions.

The library has installed several “ghost cams” that are functional 24/7/365. A trip to the ghost cam website allows you to participate in anytime ghost hunting!. Go ahead, open up the Willard Library Ghost Cam website and maybe you’ll see the Gray Lady!

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