The spectacular Smoky Mountain Opry in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

IMG_4164To most the name “Opry” brings to mind a great show that is primarily of the country-western music genre. The Smoky Mountain Opry at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee will change your expectations. You will be amazed at the quality of the performances offered.

Not only are the performers top notch but the staging, lighting and costumes are superb. The opening act features flying western guitar players. Yes, this is your introduction to several aerial acts during the show. The highlight of the show is of course the music. The house band is absolutely marvelous.

Be prepared for numbers from nearly every genre. Motown, Broadway musicals, country, sixties rock, gospel and a patriotic tribute will keep you enthralled. Featured numbers from artists like The Eagles, Marti Robbins, Charlie Daniels and Carrie Underwood are highlights of this professional show. The 1400 seat facility uses sophistocated lighting, sound, lasers, video screens and pyrotechnical effects.

The opening number

The opening number

Charlie Bob Smith

Charlie Bob Smith

Sher and I were surprised that this show would even attempt doing the number “Circle of Life”. Wow. This was one of the most amazing acts of the night. The costumes were unbelievable and included tall life sized giraffes. What an exciting number. There were even two live tigers on each side of the stage

The memories returned for this boomer during a number that brought back the days of the Beatles. The band and cast were dressed in the style of the times and band director John Hodges and his band were right out of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. “Hey Jude” echoed through the auditorium as dancers, singers and band members spread out in the aisles. Beach balls were bouncing throughout the crowd and all enjoyed this time travel back to the days of love, love, love.

Vocalist Anthony Bailey

Vocalist Anthony Bailey

Patriotic Finale

Patriotic Finale

Every show needs some comedy. The Smoky Moutain Opry fills the bill with comedian/juggler David J Hirschi (stage name Slim Chance). He juggles saw blades. He juggles a ping pong ball, rubber chicken and a bowling ball. He is hilarious.

Like Broadway musicals? “I’m singing in the Rain” was performed complete with real rainfall and dancing ala Gene Kelly. Nat King Cole’s iconic “Unforgettable” is presented as a marvelous tribute to the ground breaking entertainer.

Charlie Bob Smith is new to the show this season and performs several numbers. He is known as the man of a thousand voices as he sings in the style of many different famous singers. He nails them.

A special treat during this show is the remarkable performances by Leann Farley and Semyon Gruzdev. These aerialists have developed breathtaking routines performed above the stage. In addition they have a quick change act that approaches the feel of magic. How they change into so many different costumes on stage behind a curtain is mind blowing.

The Smoky Mountain Opry presents a world class, professional variety show. The beautiful facility is located right on the strip in Pigeon Forge. Without a doubt any visit to Pigeon Forge should include attending the Smoky Mountain Opry. Here is their website with all the details.

Semyon Gruzdev and Leann Farley (Aerialists/Quick Change Artists) Photo by Steven Bridges

Semyon Gruzdev and Leann Farley (Aerialists/Quick Change Artists) Photo by Steven Bridges



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