Lewes Delaware is NOT friendly to RV’s

Those of you with an RV need to stay away from Lewes, Delaware.

Lewes, Delaware is a little historic burg on the Delmarva Penninsula. We spent a bit of time there this past week. We drove around the area, followed their “greenway” road signs through a new housing addition and also drove through the center of the shops/restaurant area in the old downtown. We even stopped at the Chamber of Commerce welcome center and visited a museum.

As we were preparing to leave I wanted to snap a few photos at an old church with graves dating back to the late 1600’s. This church was touted as one of the best historic sites. At this time there were plenty of street parking spots open. I stopped in a  couple of spots across the street from the church, hopped out and crossed the street to get some good photos for what was going to be this article.

Gone about four minutes, as I went back I saw Sher talking to someone with her side door of the coach open. I hurried across the street and saw a rather rotund fellow with a slouch hat and a name badge with a ticket book. Turns out he was the parking meter “officer”. He was rude to Sher as he spoke to her. Sher had both explained that I was snapping some pictures and she offered to pay for the two spots that our 24′ motorhome occupied. He walked away. Sher gave me a dollar and I went after him.

He was rather rude to me when as he stated that “RV’s and campers are not allowed in Lewes. There are signs that state this on the roads leading into town.”  I told him the road we came in on did not have such a sign. He then stated “Well, if you had come in on the south road you would have seen the sign.”  Excuse me??

RV folks, stay away from Lewes, Delaware. You are not welcome there. This is official from an officer of Lewes.

I have no desire to put any of the pictures I captured in Lewes on any post. If we are not wanted there, neither are pictures of Lewes wanted here.

5 thoughts on “Lewes Delaware is NOT friendly to RV’s

    • Glad to be of service, Mike. Would hate for you guys to have a close encounter of the parking meter official kind! We realy liked Rehoboth we we drove through there.


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