Off to Virginia Beach

Maj finding a gold ring on one of the first times that we went detecting.

Maj finding a gold ring on one of the first times that we went detecting.

We are in our RV relaxing and watching tv after taking a nice walk around the campground. It rained a little today, but the temperature was wonderful. We have had the windows open all day and a nice breeze is blowing in the fresh mountain air. We almost wish we were staying longer, and we know we will be back. Everyone has been so nice here and it is just a nice quiet relaxing place.

We are anxious to see our 3 year old grand-daughter. In the morning we will be leaving here and heading towards Virginia Beach to visit with our son, daughter-in-law and grand-daughter.

We have our metal detectors and plan to do some detecting. We want to go treasure hunting on the beach. We tried searching on Vanderbilt Beach in Naples but we were still learning how to use the metal detectors. We are still learning how to tell what the different sounds mean, so far I’ve only found pull tabs from cans. Maj has been luckier than me and found a gold ring and some coins.

2 thoughts on “Off to Virginia Beach

  1. Congrats on the find Maj! Metal detectors can be fun. I remember detecting with my dad when I was young as a hobby to do together. Found a few coins, and odd metal parts, but not much more.
    Sound like your enjoying the travels. Stay safe and healthy, and enjoy the time with the grandbaby! Peace ~ RoadAbode


    • Thanks, Mike. We are enjoying family and are looking forward to some metal detecting on some beaches in the Tidewater area.


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