Beef and Board Dinner Theatre – Crazy for You

B&B media photo from Crazy for You

B&B media photo from Crazy for You

I’m enjoying the warm weather and know my friends and family back in Indiana are having some very cold weather right now. But, I’m sad we are going to miss Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre presentation of Crazy for You. Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre is one of our favorite places to go when we are in Indiana. They always have great shows and a delicious buffet. Playing now through April 4th is the award winning show Crazy for You. We have never been disappointed at Beef and Boards and we have went to almost all of their shows for the last 4 years. That is how much we like them and why I’m sad at missing this show. We will be back in time to see The Drowsy Chaperone. If you’re around Indianapolis, this is a for sure place to go to. Visit the website at Beef and Boards and my Examiner article by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Beef and Board Dinner Theatre – Crazy for You

    • On a scale of 0-10 with 0 being completely worhslets and 10 being superior, my seatmate and I gave Holes scores ranging from 4-7 (some parts were better than others), which gives an overall NTW rating: Not The Worst. Even though the play clicked right along with no uncomfortable pauses (good directing), overall the plot too often developed as if the characters were thinking it up as they went along. It is NOT an inspired plot and that woodpecker song is too dumb for words. The casting was good. Nick Abeel from the start was extremely annoying in every way. I just wanted to slap him, which I suspect is the emotion the playwright intended to engender. Mark Goetzinger and Jennifer Johansen always give solid performances and Milicent Wright is magical, a divine talent. (We attend any play that Milicent Wright and Jennifer Johansen, or Rob Johansen, are in, sometimes twice.) Wayne T. Carr so much presence, just a pleasure to watch him work. All the actors did fine (those delinquent kids must have been good actors, because I found them thoroughly repulsive, wanted to slap them, too). But please, PLEASE tell your young actors that they have to ARTICULATE. They have to make every syllable understandable. You are stage actors, you guys. It’s not TV, not film, not the school cafeteria or mumbling in your sleep, it’s the stage, and many in the audience are over the age of 40, 50, 60 and (gasp) even older. We don’t hear as fast or as well as we used to. We require articulation. Slowing down a teeny-tiny bit would help, but what would help most is to articulate, enunciate, pronounce every syllable. We want to be able to hear and understand. Another magical actor with enormous talent and stage presence Mauricio Suarez. Wow! That kid is going places. Final word: Not the greatest play. I wouldn’t recommend it, except maybe to a talent scout looking for a good 13-year-old actor, and I certainly hope you never reprise it. But I’m not sorry I saw it. In general it was a fun evening and the refreshments were great. We loved those brownies and meatballs!


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