Florida Flywheelers get ready to get around the 200+ acre show

"Sheet metal, rivets and a paint job" turned this golf cart into a "Jeep"

“Sheet metal, rivets and a paint job” turned this golf cart into a “Jeep”

The Florida Flywheelers January show starts tomorrow morning. More exhibitors and vendors have been pulling in all day today. Everyone is getting their wares set out and priced. (So have we!) The show is known for the many different types of vehicles that are used to get around this huge place. While golf carts are the “normal” and most common means of transportation, you will see about anything you can think of and lots of things you would never think of as being a way to get around.

Golf carts will be transformed into many different types of vehicles. See the picture of the “Jeep” as an example. When asked how the Jeep came about, Bob Buck answered “sheet metal, rivets and a paint job”. A simple explanation for a lot of clever workmanship! The lady holding the cute doggie is Sharon Buck, an artist who makes quilts. She shared her website with me.

Later I heard a powerful engine a few rows away. I thought it was a muscle car. Imagine my surprise when a blue garden sized tractor came around the bend in the gravel road. It turns out this was a tractor with a V8. Yes, a V8 engine with dual exhausts. Quite the engineering feat here.

Sher and I are looking forward to the start of the show tomorrow. I for one am hoping that the fellow with the bathtub he drives around will be here this year. I have heard about him.

Yes, that is a V8 in that tractor.

Yes, that is a V8 in that tractor.

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