We went to a fancy old theater in Bellingham, Washington

1927 photo shared by the Theatre archives

1927 photo shared by administration staff from the Theatre archives

Yesterday we went to Bellingham for what turned out to be a day trip. We had received tickets to a stage show at the Mt. Baker Theatre. We were also told we could have a “private” tour of the theater the afternoon before the play. The tour turned out to be a simple walk through the lobby and the main theater. This really is a magnificent old structure, built in 1926 by the 20th Century Fox group. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. The interior was restored in the 1980’s to its original ornate beauty.

That evening we saw the stage play/musical “Little Shop of Horrors” about the evil man eating plant. We had good seats about ten rows back in front of stage right.

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