Birthday celebration at Everett’s Kyoto Japanese restaurant

Our chef for the evening

Sher and I celebrated our daughter’s birthday with her family at the Kyoto Japanese restaurant in Everett, Washington. This eatery is one of the “meal cooked at your table” establishments, with your chef putting on a show along with the food preparation.

The menu was awesome with a very wide variety of dinner combinations. As Sher is a vegetarian she picked a vegetable medley, and the chef was most accommodating and made her fried rice without the addition of eggs.

Preparing the onion tower

Flaming onion tower









The antics of our chef were most entertaining. His skill in manipulating the tools were remarkable and fun to watch. He could do things with the knife and spatula that were hard to imagine. And I had no idea you could do things with the eggs that we witnessed.

Plum wine imported from Osaka

Fried rice on the way









The food was absolutely delicious. The chef kept us entertained throughout his preparation of our individual dishes. His constant banter was filled with quips and humor. Once he flipped a large pat of butter into the air before it landed on the rice. He deadpanned “ah, butterfly”.  Chef flipped pieces of chicken across the grill directly onto our grandson’s plate. He loved that!

Happy Birthday song with tambourine and gong!

We all had a delightful meal and enjoyed each other’s company. And to top things off, the staff brought our daughter ice cream with candles, and the whole place sang Happy Birthday!


Everett Washington’s Shawn O’Donnell’s Irish Pub

This morning Sher and I and our daughter were off to a nearby Walmart for our (gulp) annual flu shots and another COVID booster, per doctor’s recommendations. Got the “needle sticks” done and then we went and picked up our son-in-law and our grandson. Our daughter suggested we head for an Irish Pub and American Grill named Shawn O’Donnell’s.

The storefront of the Everett O’Donnell’s, the first of the chain

Interesting interior design

The center bar






We got to the pub right at 11:15 and were seated immediately. We were probably a bit ahead of the lunch crowd. The decor of this restaurant has a definite Irish flavor, expected from a family owned business started by the grandson of Irish immigrants.

The Full Irish Breakfast

Corned Beef Benedict with smashed potatoes






The fare at Shawn O’Donnell’s Irish Pub is very tasty, and does have some interesting items not commonly found on most menus. The smashed potatoes are just that: yellow gold Yukon potatoes cooked and then literally smashed near flat. The biscuits are very unique, named Soda Farls and served with raspberry jam. Yummy!

Bacon Lover’s Scramble

Smashed potatoes with 2 Soda Farls w/ jam






The service, coffee and of course the food was excellent at this fun Irish Pub. Shawn O’Donnell built this facility in 2006 after several years in the restaurant business. Currently there are five locations in and around Everett, including one in far eastern Spokane. Our server told us that plans are in the works for expansion into other states. Any community would benefit if a  Shawn O’Donnell’s  located there.



Kyoto: A great Japanese steak house in Everett, WA

Chicken, steak, shrimp and veggies on the grill at the Kyoto

Chicken, steak, shrimp and veggies on the grill at the Kyoto

Last night Sher and I went to a Japanese Steak House named Kyoto in Everett, Washington. Our daughter and son-in-law and grandson were with us on this fun dining trip. The chef came to the table with the built in grill. Our chef was really a treat and he enjoyed taking to us as he cooked.

This place is stuck in the end of a strip mall building across the street from the big Everett Mall. It is worth seeking out. We would give this place a five star rating on both the service and the quaity of the meals.


A favorite local eatery: Totem Restaurant

Our daughter and son-in-law suggested that we have breakfast at a local restaurant named Totem. This quaint family friendly diner has been operating since 1953. A local favorite, we showed up at 10:00 am Saturday morning to see a full parking lot.

Totem is located at 4410 Rucker Ave in Everett, WA

Totem is located at 4410 Rucker Ave in Everett, WA

Luckily we did get a table right away as soon after our arrival a waiting line formed. It soon became apparent why this place is a favorite of the locals. The food was about the best I have ever had for breakfast fare. The portion sizes were huge. Yes, huge! An order of potatoes O’Brien or hash browns were delivered on a large plate. The two pancakes I ordered were the biggest I have ever seen. One of the pancakes was easily equal to three pancakes at a Denny’s or Cracker Barrel. Thick cut bacon, extra large biscuits, stuffed omelets and fast service added to the great dining experience.



Check out the size of those pancakes!

Check out the size of those pancakes!

This is a family owned and operated business. Prices were a little high, with four full meals and coffee averaging around 10 bucks each. The meal was worth the price. Anyone in the Everett, Washington area needs to get to the Totem at least once. You will not leave hungry.