Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, The Greatest Spectacle in Racing

Entrance to the tunnel access to the IMS infield. That is Helio Castroneves celebrating last year’s win with the traditional bottle of milk.

During the month of May in Indianapolis (and most of central Indiana for that matter) pretty much everything turns into a black and white checkered flag. The ads on local TV and in print find every conceivable way to cash in on race jargon: “Race in today for savings” or “You’ll always win with our product” or some such. It’s a Hoosier thing.

That’s the back of the grandstand at turn 1 of the track.

There’s that checkered flag! IMS is just ahead









The race this year will be the 106th running of this historic event. The pandemic forced the IMS (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) to ban fans in 2020 for the delayed August race. In 2021 a mere 135,000 we allowed into the grounds. This year, however, there will be no restrictions on numbers. At least 325,000 are expected. The IMS never reveals actual attendance. Never has.

Official souvenir stand: look for the winged tire logo

A fun background for a photo memory!








The race will run tomorrow, May 29th with the green flag waved at 12:45 PM. The gates will open at 6AM and thousands of fans will be lined up waiting to get in. Always happens. Weather should be great with no rain in sight.

13 thoughts on “Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, The Greatest Spectacle in Racing

  1. I love when they use all the jargon for advertising. Makes me roll my eyes, but I secretly enjoy the creativity of it all. Will you and Sher be racin’ on in to join them?


  2. You know Al Unser from Albuquerque was one of the four 4 times winners? I think he might have been one of the youngest winners back in the day. The Indy 500 is a big deal out here. Have you attended an Indy 500?


      • It was sad to lose him. That is really cool you got to see him win in 1970. My dad was a big race fan. My sister and her husband still are. I used to love going to the local sprint car, stock car and flat track motorcycle races. I did my share of flat track and motocross racing in the 70s. It’s surprising I survived my wild motorcycle years.


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