Call to the Post

Indiana Grand Racing and Casino

2021 season will have 120 racing days April 13th through November 4th

The horse on the far side is escorting the competingĀ  #4 racehorse to the starting gate. These escort horses are usually called Pony Horses and are a vital part of the horse racing business. They help calm the racehorse while on the way to the starting gate, and also aid in training the racehorse, among other tasks.


One BIG toy soldier

Striking a Pose

This is a novel way to make a living, or at least provide a clever side hustle. We saw this fellow at a town festival where we had set up as vendors. He showed up at noon on Saturday (of the weekend festival) and just walked around. He did not say a word, but every so often would freeze in a position and hold it for several minutes, thus becoming a big plastic toy soldier.

Dolly in bronze

Dolly Parton’s statue is located on the courthouse yard of Sevierville, Tennessee, her home town. The statue was placed in 1987, and shows Dolly as a young lady before she gained international fame and fortune.

Sevierville is right next to Pigeon Forge, where Dolly World andĀ  Dolly Parton’s Stampede show is located.

Heat waves

Somewhere in Texas…

There are 150 wind farms in Texas according to Wikipedia, with a total capacity of 30,000 Megawatts. The largest wind farm in Texas is the Roscoe Wind Farm near Abilene. This company owns 627 wind turbines.

Beauty and function

Seattle’s Puget Sound is home to 13 working lighthouses

The Alki Point lighthouse is an operational fully automated facility operated by the US Coast Guard. It is the southernmost of the 13 lighthouses on the Sound. This is a beautiful structure when seen from any angle, and is often open for free tours. Sorry, you can’t take your dog to this one. We got this shot on a cruise from Seattle to Tillicum Island.

White Ibis teenager

You can tell this White Ibis is a “teenager” by the coloration of its feathers. When fully mature, it will have all white plumage. The brown mottled plumage on its neck shows it is immature. The pink color of the legs and beak will also turn bright red when full grown. We didn’t see Mom or Dad, so who knows what teenaged mischief this one was up to. We captured this shot on a trip to Naples, Florida.