Cemetery Road Bridge has a “new” home

The Cemetery Road Covered Bridge started its existence in 1886 after bridge builder Henry Hebble completed the construction of the original 129 foot long span over the Anderson Fork of Caesar Creek. In the 1970’s a new lake was planned and that lake when filled would have inundated and destroyed this bridge.

The sign on the entrance

Name plate on bridge

Side of bridge showing abutments

The Reader’s Digest version of the story is that The Army Corp of Engineers ended up giving the bridge away to anyone that would move it. The middle 60 foot section was cut away, and the bridge did get moved, very slowly, to its new home in the Glen Helen Nature Preserve. The trip took two days and necessitated moving some traffic signal lights for clearance as the bridge on wheels was moved through towns.

View through the bridge deck

The bridge, once it was placed on its new location spanning the Yellow Springs Creek, did require substantial repairs including some new deck boards, siding and quite a bit of roof repairs. It was opened for pedestrian traffic only, and is off the road a hundred yards or so in the Glen Helen Nature Preserve.

Henry Hebble utilized the Howe through truss design

Even the bridge deck got graffitied






Since the openingĀ  in 1975 the bridge has been the victim of serious and widespread vandalism in the form of graffiti over a high percentage of the wood members of the structure. It seems like lots of covered bridges fall victim to this kind of desecration. But, that said, it was great that at least a portion of this fine old bridge was saved from a watery demise.