Squirrel: to bury or not to bury

This busy tailed squirrel acts like he can’t decide if he should bury the nut he has in his mouth. Today is a pretty sunny day but very cold at 11 degrees. This might have been the squirrel that liked to lick the ice in the frozen wheelbarrow.

Watching some bunnies on a rainy day

Two bunnies looking at a third one behind the tree.

The COVID-19 shutdown did not stop the cool and breezy rain today. We had just watched the squirrels having a ball with the ears of corn. All of a sudden here came some bunny rabbits. They must have been enjoying the rain as they were running around, chasing each other and having a good old time.

Here is a short little video of the bunnies frolicking around.

We did have fun watching some wildlife today. With the rain it was tough to spend much if any time outside.  Maybe tomorrow will bring nicer weather. Remember, friends, stay safe and stay healthy!