Different things we saw today

Sometimes you never know what you are going to find when you’re out and about. Here’s some stuff we saw today while we were out looking for bridges and other history.

Creepy tree, best presented in B&W

Mud daubers and paper wasp nests

Two different paper wasp nests







Some wasps make their nests out of mud, thus the name. Others make very light nests with paper like material, again thus the name. At least that’s what we called them.

Crawdad house entrance

The crawdad builds a tower like structure with the material it excavates to make its home. These towers can get to be about a foot tall sometimes. Ok, this small lobster like critter gets its name depending on where in the country you happen to be. In the Midwest we call them crawdads. From Louisiana? You’ll no doubt call them crawfish. You’ll call ’em crayfish if you’re up North. They are all the same critter. Yes, you can eat them, but cook them well first. Don’t ask why…