Hamburger Inn Diner an integral part of Delaware, Ohio

The Hamburger Inn Diner is on the main drag in the central Ohio city of Delaware. Our family enjoyed lunch there last weekend. (Read our post here) I was fortunate to meet and have a conversation with Bill Michailidas, the owner.

Bill shared how the Hamburger Inn Diner is really a focal point in the community. The generous serving of Thanksgiving dinner to nearly a thousand folks is a shining example of the good this Diner shares. Besides, it has been serving the people of Delaware great food since 1932.

Since 1947 the diner has become the place for local citizens to gather and share coffee and conversations. Oh, the wisdom that has been shared in the gatherings for the past seven decades.

The diner is open 24 hours on the weekend. As you can imagine, the diner is full of law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel . Workers from all shifts can find a time to eat, and local college students can enjoy great food and a safe place to study after hours.

Delaware, Ohio is fortunate to have the Hamburger Inn Diner. Be sure to stop in when you are in Delaware.

Hamburger Inn Diner in Delaware, Ohio

Our family group was headed to Delaware, Ohio to visit some of the Antique shops and malls in the downtown. Our son recommended the Hamburger Inn Diner for lunch after we visited the shops. What a great recommendation it was!

The Hamburger Inn Diner opened in 1932. It has remained virtually unchanged since it opened. It is a classic diner with primary seating at horseshoe shaped counters instead of tables. The vinyl covered stools rotated much to the delight of our grandson. There were ten in our party, and after a short wait while another couple finished their meal, all of us could sit at the same counter.

Grilled cheese and fries

Half pounder with bacon and eggs








The diner’s name gives a huge hint as to the menu. Yes, there are marvelous burgers on the menu. In addition to burgers and other sandwiches there is a full breakfast menu offered. Breakfast is served anytime. The food was outstanding: best biscuits and sausage gravy I have ever had. The service was terrific. Sher ordered a grilled cheese on rye. It came on white, and shortly thereafter here came another sandwich on rye, no charge.


Huge order of biscuits & gravy topped with a fried egg








After the great meal, I was fortunate to meet one of the owners, Bill Michailidis. He told me about the restaurant’s history, and shared some of the things that it does to support and help the community. One remarkable event put on by the diner is their annual Thanksgiving feast. The diner first has a meal for employees and their families and a neighboring gas station. Then the diner opens for the entire community. That’s right, free meals are offered to anyone and everyone. This year over 900 were served. Some of the other happenings at the diner are described in our post here.

That’s me, seated, and Bill Michailidis, right

Given the quality of the cuisine, the excellence of the service, and the citizenship of the establishment, it is no wonder that The Hamburger Inn Diner is one of the most popular places to visit in central Ohio. If your travels take you to central Ohio, it will be worth your time to eat at the Hamburger Inn Diner.

Happy Days Diner in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

20160309_182245Sher and I were looking for a place to grab a bite to eat one evening before a show when we were in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The Happy Days Diner caught our eye with its nostalgic 50’s and 60’s look.

What a cool diner! The inside takes you right back to the good old days. The counter seating is something you rfarely see anymore. The tables and chairs are brushed aluminum with red trim. The pictures on the walls hearken back to the days of Elvis, hot rods and cruising the strip on a Friday night.



20160309_175127The menu is just what you would expect at a vintage diner. The selection of burgers is extensive. Of course you can get fries onion rings and all the trimmings. Appetizers are great for sharing or can be a meal in themseves. Milk shakes, sundaes and banana splits add to the culinary delights available. The menu items are named after the characters from the Happy Days TV show. Have a Fonzy burger.



I ordered a classic cheeseburger and fries. Sher enjoyed the potato skins (without the bacon). Pricing is reasonable, the service is great and fast, and the manager even came to our table and offered to turn on the lights in the large back dining room.

The Happy Days Diner is located on Pigeon Forge’s main drag right next to the Comedy Barn. We attended the show after we ate. You can read about our fun time at the Comedy Barn here.