We cracked nuts for this squirrel

Driving around Snohomish, Washington our truck (and other vehicles on the street) did a good job of cracking open the nuts that had fallen from a tree. You could clearly hear the “popping” sound as the tires cracked the shells .

IMG_0353 (2)_resized

This cute pointy eared guy took advantage of the nuts!

We enjoyed the Oxford Saloon in Snohomish

This afternoon we took a break from exploring downtown Snohomish, Washington with a stop at the Oxford Saloon and Eatery. We were there at about 3:00 pm so we grabbed a couple of sodas and a basket of fries off the appetizer menu. This is a fun place to take a break from shopping and enjoy the old pictures and stuff on the walls.




















Oh, yea, the basket of fries was great: hand cut and piping hot.