Three herbs and a rock

This is Oregano

Here is the Sage

This is Sweet Basil

And here’s the rock
















Here are some pictures from our herb and flower garden. Also one of many rocks in the garden. Look closely at the rock shot, there is another herb, Chives, that is blurry in the background. Landscaping this little piece of of our property, tending it and watching things grow has been one way we have kept busy during our isolation during this pesky COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately the virus still marches on.

Working on the flower garden

Sher is planting petunias in some additional containers. She just got done planting some herbs. Our son, in the back left, is getting ready to hook the hose to the pressure washer. You can see a kitchen sink. Yes, that will be pressure washed and turned into some kind of planter in one side and a bird bath in the other.

We’ve been raking the tilled ground in preparation for placing some mulch. We have some pretty colored rocks that we picked up out in the country a few days ago. These are all glacial deposits that came down from Canada during the Ice Age.

This COVID-19 thing has usĀ  stuck at home, like so many of our friends and family. Putting together our flower garden is a welcome project for many reasons. It gets us out side, gives a goal to shoot for, and when it comes to the vegetable garden, hopefully we’ll be able to consume the fruits of our labor.

Indiana is starting to slowly “open back up”. Some more stores are now open at reduced capacity. Restaurants can open for inside business at 50% capacity with restrictions. It is easy to desire to get back to normal after the long stay at home. But remember, the virus is still out there!

Don’t let your guard down, be safe and stay healthy.