Palm trees, puffy clouds, coronavirus isolation

The picture is really kind of pretty. Those green fronds of the palm trees starkly contrast with the white and blue hues in the sky. But what does that have to do with COVID-19 isolation? Nothing.

So much is happening in the country, the world, our state and our street. No, I take that back, very little is happening on our street. But the country? We got our stimulus money from the IRS. Trump put up a campaign ad disguised as a “briefing” in one of his press conferences. He backed down a little from his “I have total authority” statements. But those statements really tell a lot about who Trump thinks he is. Have you noticed that he likes to cut off reporters before they can even finish their questions? And in some cases he then yells at them because the question they want to ask might put Trump in a bad light. And don’t get me started on Trump’s asinine use of Twitter.

When is our isolation going to end? As one who hasĀ  a list of those underlying health concerns I am really hesitant to think about soon returning to a “normal” life out and about. Until they (whoever they are) can come up with an effective treatment or an effective vaccine I am not sure when Sher and I will feel comfortable or safe going out. It will be interesting to see what conditions state or federal governments will need to see prior to “opening for business”.

Thanks for allowing me to “rant” a bit and share the frustrations that so many of us are feeling right now. I just hope that as soon as possible we can all get back into the new normal, whatever that turns out to be.


Indiana State Police Superintendent issues warning

During a coronavirus press conference held at the Indiana State Capital building, Indiana Governor Holcomb asked State Police Superintendent Doug Carter to take the microphone. He quoted a Facebook social media post that erroneously claimed that Indiana hospitals would not have respirators for any patient over the age of sixty. Carter said he was “disgusted” by this posting that would cause fear and panic.

Superintendent Carter stated that you need to make sure that your sources of information about the COVID-19 pandemic can be trusted. Don’t rely on, pass on or talk about information that is incorrect. How do you determine what is real and what is not true? That, my friends, is the sixty four dollar question. Where do you get your coronavirus pandemic information? How many different sources do you rely on?

Click here for the Indiana State Police website.

Click here for the Indiana Department of Health COVID-19 website.