My Mother’s Day poem for Sher

You were there every day
And no that is not a cliche

Your love is so strong
The kids knew all along
That Mom will never fail
For any trouble she’ll prevail

Our children, like most all
Would occasionally take a fall
Kids in crisis, occasional trouble
Solved by Mom on the double

Our children grown with kids of their own
Most far away, some close to home
Her strength is true every day
She helps us all through work and play

Mother’s Day’s a time to show
My love for my wife and our family you know
Precious to me and the kids alike
We love you Mom, day and night

You’re still there every day
And that is still not a cliche

Flower Moon verse

The Flower Moon, beauty in light

shines and glows on this May night

Announcing fresh growth on Mother Earth

its healing power firmly echos its worth

Young animals romp, new foliage grows

the Spirit of life in everything, you know