The last rose

This will probably be the last rose of the season. Heavy frost and hard freezes are on the way.

Colorful sunrise and some reminiscing

This morning was quite frigid, with temps in the high teens resulting in a hard freeze. Today will be cold, period. Mid thirties is the best we can hope for this afternoon.

Pretty sky outside our front door this morning

A nearly perfect contrail cut across the sky

It is hard to believe that it is actually 2022. Sher and I were chatting yesterday how back when we were younger the year 2000 seemed so far in the future that it was hard to imagine. The epic movieĀ  2001: A Space Odyssey came out in 1968, and my did the year 2001 seem impossibly far away. And yet here we are.

Remember when you’d always mess up and write the wrong year on the checks you filled out the first week of January? Heck the only check I write each year is to pay the county property taxes. And then there were roaming charges you had to look out for. For crying out loud, I used to have an eight person party line in the mid seventies! Enough of this, I feel old enough.

Stay safe out there friends. Have a good January!