Recent full moon

The recent full moon came up on a night with thin cloud cover. This image was the result from the iPhone, with editing to a Black and White presentation.

We trust you are making the best of things and staying safe and healthy!

Full Flower Moon

The coronavirus seems to be ushering in a new normal, a new world for all of us.  Does this mean we need a fresh start, or rather, being forced to make a new start?  May 7th is a full moon, it is also called the Full Flower Moon or Full Blessing Moon.  It means new beginnings as the flowers and trees blossom.

Perhaps the Full moon this May will bring new beginnings for us.  A time to change.  We should be using this time of isolation to have self reflection.  Take what we’ve learned and set some blossoming goals to achieve them.

Flower Moon verse

The Flower Moon, beauty in light

shines and glows on this May night

Announcing fresh growth on Mother Earth

its healing power firmly echos its worth

Young animals romp, new foliage grows

the Spirit of life in everything, you know