Our Vintage Etsy store has new listings

Recently we added lots of exciting new items to our online Etsy store.

Maj’s hand made leather medicine bags come in several different sizes and styles. Currently there are about a dozen bags listed on our store, and they all have free shipping.

This bag is 3 3/4 inches deep by 2 1/2 inches wide. Hanging from the bottom of the bag is a nice 3 inch wide section of 4 inch long hand cut fringe. Across the bottom of the bag is a line of amethyst chip beads and 4 round green turquoise beads. $30

This bag is 3 1/2 inches deep by 2 1/4 inches wide. There is plenty of room for your special gem stones, crystals or other personal items. The “drawstring” design allows for a tight closure or wide mouth opening depending on the totems you are carrying. $28









We also have lots of other fine vintage pieces listed for sale.

Hazel Atlas Colonial block clear glass two handled sugar bowl is a nice vintage piece that can fill out a set or stand alone. The Hazel Atlas logo is clearly seen on the bottom of the sugar bowl. $10

We invite you to check out our Etsy store online.  Click here for the direct link to Roadtirement Vintage.

Gemstone necklace for sale on our Roadtirement Vintage Etsy Store

It has been a while since we have posted about one of our listings on our online Etsy Store, Roadtirement Vintage. This post will feature one of the necklaces that Maj handcrafted.

From the listing description: “Offered is a 24 inch hand made beaded necklace. The stone beads I used include lava rock, agates, tiger’s eye, lots of flat circular green turquoise and a large single faceted agate. Also used were ornamental metal barrel beads and various wood beads. There is a loop and bead clasping system shown in the photos. The porous lava rock beads can also be used as essential oil diffusing.”

The listing for this unique necklace (complete with many more photos) can be found here. We invite you to take a look at our Roadtirement Vintage Etsy Store. There are more hand crafted necklaces, other small antiques and unique items. You might find something you can’t live without!

A great pair of ducks

Back again with another obvious (and blatant) ad for our Etsy online store. Today we listed more items, including this fine pair of solid brass duck head bookends. These  weigh in at a respectable 1 pound each and will support several of your most treasured volumes.

Update: The bookends have sold. Please visit our store from the safety of your home, especially this year. Here is the link: Roadtirement Vintage Etsy Store

Pretty little birds for you

Well here is another blatant ad for our online Etsy store. We just listed this adorable wood carving of two little songbirds perched on a unique piece of driftwood or possibly a piece of a root of some kind. What a cute extra for one of your shelves, or a fun piece for any bird or nature lover.

There are nine more photos on the listing giving you several different views of this art work and pricing and shipping details.

You can follow this link to the listing.


Click here for the Roadtirement Vintage Etsy Store

Entertain with class

Picture this 5 inch dish filled with M&M’s, red hots, Hershey Kisses or any bite sized candy pieces. Your guests will be thinking “What a great host with that classy dish filled with candy!” Want to be that great host or hostess? Well, we have that perfect dish for sale on our Roadtirement Vintage Etsy online store. The beautiful cranberry red dish will look terrific on your coffee table or end table. Click here for the link.

Roadtirement Vintage Etsy Online Store

At the turn of the century…

It was common around the turn of the century (the 19th century, that is, for you Generation Z’s) to produce paperweights made of heavy glass with photographs glued to the bottom of the paperweight. Thus you can see the photograph through the paperweight.

Roadtirement Vintage store has a very nice paperweight with a photo for sale in our Etsy Store online. We do not know who is in the picture,  and if the building is a school or a church. If it’s a school, the picture is probably a teacher. If it’s a church, well then the picture is most likely the Pastor. We do know that it was made by Wilfred Smith and Co. of New York. Click here for the link to this listing on Etsy.










A big old heavy truck

Here’s another pretty cool item we have listed on our Etsy online store. This cast iron toy truck is a vintage aged reproduction of the original made right after the turn of the century. This beauty weighs in at a whopping 6 and a half pounds. It is 12 inches long and 6 inches high. Click here for a direct link to the listing on our Etsy Store. This item comes with free shipping!

Need an elephant?

Well if you need an elephant, and a good luck elephant at that, Roadtirement Vintage (our online Etsy Store) can help you out. We just listed not one, but two different elephants in our Etsy store today. The one in the picture is a very cool leather elephant. Notice that his trunk is raised, which is said by many to be a sign of good luck. These days anything to help with good luck is desirable. Here is a direct link to that listing. Take a look around, we’d appreciate it. Thanks for reading and checking out these blatant advertisements of ours. Oh, the other elephant is brass. See him here.

A very fine set of bookends

A bit ago we added this stunning set of bronze bookends to our Etsy Store, Roadtirement Vintage. These birds stand at 7 inches tall. Notice that there are two different bird poses. They will look great in your library or bookshelf. They would also look good on a coffee table. Click here for a direct link to the listing on our Etsy Store where you will find more information and additional photos.





You can visit our whole Etsy store here: RoadtirementVintage

New item for sale on our Roadtirement Vintage Etsy shop

We just the other day added several unique items for sale in our online Etsy shop.

One of these is a very nice, near perfect condition heavy cast iron bank. Called the Transvaal Money Box, this accurate reproduction was originally made in 1885 as much as a political satire as it was a useful item. Coins are put in a slot on top of the character’s top hat. As the coin falls it makes the pipe in his mouth jump a bit. See other details, more history and lots more pictures at our Etsy shop listing here.

We invite you to check out our whole store.