Themed drinks at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre

Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre in Indianapolis is a wonderful venue that not only provides top notch live musicals but also a delightful buffet dinner to start your evening’s entertainment. Doors open at 5:30 and the buffet is available soon after you are seated.

Four lines, hardly any waiting at the buffet!

As part of the available libations from B&B’s full bar are themed cocktails fitting of the production on stage. Custom designed for each show, we always order one to start our evening at the theater.

Appropriate for this show!

“Foot Loose” had both alcoholic and non-alcoholic designer drinks!

For “An American in Paris” we both enjoyed drinks with a Parisian flair









An evening at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre is a marvelous way to spend an evening of good food, drink, and professional theater. Check the B&B website for details.

Beef & Boards “An American in Paris” delights with dance

Do you like dance live on stage? Do you appreciate the brilliance of George and Ira Gershwin’s music compositions? Head out to Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre for the currently running production of An American in Paris. Set in Paris immediately after the end of World War II it follows the story of an American GI who decides to stay in Paris and have a go at a career as an artist. Yes, he finds a girl.

An American In Paris Lise and Jerry

One of the first things we noticed when we arrived at the theater was the larger than usual stage area that had been prepared for this show. Every square foot of the stage was utilized by Ron Morgan’s dynamic choreography and direction. This show was filled with dance. The depth of talent in this cast is exceptional and showcased by awesome choreography. The precision displayed during mass numbers is amazing, as are the scenes featuring couples. Cast members even utilized dance moves while placing props during set changes!

Jerry Mulligan (Jon Rose), center, sings “Beginner’s Luck” out of joy to have fallen in love with Lise

Milo Davenport (Sarah Hund), right, asks Jerry (Jon Rose) if she’s enough for him






The 1951 movie, An American in Paris, won Best Picture that year, and debuted classic music pieces from George and Ira Gershwin. The Gershwin songs in the B&B’s production also include “I Got Rhythm,” “Liza,” “’S Wonderful,” “But Not for Me,” “Stairway to Paradise” and orchestral music including “Concerto in F,” “2nd Prelude,” “2nd Rhapsody,” “The Cuban Overture” and “An American In Paris.”

Henri Baurel (Ian Black), center, imagines himself to be an authentic “song-and-dance man” while singing “I’ll Build a Stairway to Paradise”

Our GI, Jerry (Jon Rose), is smitten when he meets Lise (Sophie Aknin), a beautiful Parisian girl. Lise is engaged to Henri (Ian Black), and is also desired by Adam (Austin Glen Jacobs) another American. The convoluted love stories are artfully told by means of the music and dance. The backdrop to the storyline includes references to the hard truth that Paris had just endured several years of Nazi occupation.

Adam Hochberg (Austin Glen Jacobs) center, declares that he, Jerry Mulligan (Jon Rose), left, and Henri Baurel (Ian Black), right became the “Three Musketeers”

Lise (Sophie Aknin) completes the lift at the conclusion of the “Paris Ballet”






The Gershwin music is just wonderful. The dancing is superb. You’ll say “Wow” after each scene! You’ll marvel at the quality of the ballet and other styles of dance. We really enjoyed the depth of talent that shows in the entire cast.  It may sound like a cliché, but this is one show you don’t want to miss!

Lise (Sophie Aknin) auditions at the Ballet du Chatelet as Jerry (Jon Rose) watches

Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre’s production of An American in Paris is now on stage through May 14 . Tickets include Chef Larry Stoops’ buffet and select beverages. Visit Beef & Boards website for pricing and availability, or call the box office at 317.872.9664.



Explosive musical Footloose on stage at Indy’s Beef & Boards

Are you ready Indianapolis? The first musical of Indy’s beloved Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre’s 50th Anniversary season is  the dynamic, dramatic and explosive Footloose, now on stage. This show is a marvelous musical entertainment treat.

Ren and his friends dance in the opening number of Footloose

The production opens with a vibrant dance number that sets the stage for premium quality choreography and music throughout. A Beef and Boards press release provides a snapshot of the storyline: “The 1984 movie danced its way into the hearts of millions, and was nominated for two Oscars, a Golden Globe and a Grammy for its powerhouse hits including “Footloose,” “Almost Paradise,” and “Let’s Hear It for The Boy.” The stage musical combines the bestselling score with dynamic new songs in a celebration of the exhilaration of youth, the wisdom of listening to one another, and the power of forgiveness.

Ethel McCormack, Ren’s mother, played by B&B veteran Sarah Hund

Rev. Shaw Moore, played by Eddie Curry, B&B long time actor and director

Rusty (Shelbi Berry Kamohara) sings “Let’s Hear It For the Boy”

Ren, a rebellious teenager from Chicago, who, with his mother, moved from the Windy City to Bomont, a super conservative small rural town. He is shocked when he learns that dancing is illegal, among other culture shocks. The plot follows the drama as he comes to grips as best as he can with his developing feelings for Ariel, the minister’s daughter. Oh yes, the minister, Rev. Shaw Moore, is responsible for maintaining the ban on dancing, founded by a tragic accident that took the lives of four teens, including the minister’s son.

Ariel (Sharaé Moultrie), top, sings “I Need A Hero” with her friends (from left) Urleen (Logan Hill), Rusty (Shelby Berry Kamohara), and Wendy Jo (Maya Mays)

As he tries to take her order, Ariel (Sharaé Moultrie), right, tells Ren (Daniel Dipinto) that what she wants isn’t on the menu.











If you like song and dance, Footloose is for you. There are over a dozen songs performed across the two Acts of this stage play. Not only will you enjoy the songs, but you’ll also be amazed at the high stepping and energetic choreography of the dances. Over the course of the scenes the story of Ren and his quest to fit in are dotted with happiness and sadness. But the overall show is both uplifting and inspiring. Yes it has a happy ending.

At the Dance

Willard leaps at the dance

Making their Beef & Boards debuts are Daniel Alan Dipinto as Ren, and Sharaé Moultrie as the minister’s daughter, Ariel. Shelbi Berry Kamohara (The Addams Family,
Honky Tonk Angels, Hello, Dolly!) is Rusty, while Noah Nehemiah Robinson makes his Beef & Boards debut as Willard. Eddie Curry reprises his role as the uptight town minister, Rev. Shaw Moore. The show is directed by Heather Patterson King, with choreography by Doug King and musical direction by Kristy Templet. Footloose is rated PG-13 for some adult themes and language.

Ren leaps for joy at the dance

Footloose is on stage  through March 26 in the intimate space of Beef & Boards Dinner
Theatre. Tickets  include Chef Larry Stoops’ dinner buffet and select beverages.
To purchase tickets online, visit Tickets are also available by calling the Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre Box Office at 317.872.9664 anytime between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesdays.

Before Footloose at Beef and Boards

We are back at Beef and Boards, just had a great meal. Now we are enjoying a fancy cocktail waiting for the start of the first musical in the 50th anniversary season: Footloose!

Kevin Bacon starred in the 1984 movie which became an instant hit. Tonight’s cast at Beef and Boards includes several talented actors making their debut here.

We’ll have a full review with photos for you tomorrow !

Comedy filled murder mystery dinner show

We had a fun and different evening for last night’s entertainment. Our son and daughter-in-law from Columbus, Ohio came over to Indianapolis and treated us to an evening at the Indy version of The Dinner Detective murder mystery dinner show.

Where the body was found!

The show was held in a decent sized conference room at the Sheraton Hotel in the Keystone Mall on the north side of Indianapolis. Our party had seven, including three of our adult grandkids. The table sat 10, so another couple was seated, and before the show started another fellow sat down. We all wondered if this fellow was in fact part of the show.

Interaction between cast and audience

All attendees had made up “aliases” for name tags. Sher was Nancy Drew. The crowd was encouraged to question as many other guests as possible, and begin to make a suspect list. Soon after we began eating the murder victim made his appearance with a mortal wound and died on the floor.  Thus the mystery commenced.

The detective hovering over the victim’s body

Two “Police Detectives” soon came out and began the investigation. They interviewed and interacted with many of the audience. There was constant funny patter, including some hilarious one liners and great improvisation. The lack of an obvious script was a bonus.

This was the “Curtain Call” for the cast

Clues were discovered, some under some of the plates on the tables, some from printed pages giving background information for the plot. The flow of the acting was pretty much constant. The two police detectives did a great job keeping the storyline on track. The plot was quite complicated and only one person got all the details correctly.

Vegetarian Farro Risotto

Chicken Marsala

The rich dessert

All of this action took place while we were enjoying the very nice multi course meal. It started with Caesar salad. Entrees offered were Chicken Marsala, Pan Seared Tilapia, and vegetarian Farro Risotto, all topped off with a decadent rich chocolate cake. There was also a full service bar that was open the entire time. The meal was good, however the table service left a lot to be desired. That was really our only disappointment of the evening.

The company logo

We had a great time being immersed in this murder mystery. The Dinner Detective has over 80 locations in cities all over the country. Check to see if there is one near you.


Teatro ZinZanni has a great show in Seattle’s Sodo Park

Coming Home is such a fitting title for the return of the Teatro ZinZanni’s production now being celebrated after its long awaited return to Seattle. The terrible events of 2020/21 that closed the show and the vintage 1910 circus tent had left a real void in the entertainment scene in the Pacific Northwest.

SODO Park, 3200 1st Ave S, Seattle

Now the show is back, this time in an old warehouse in SODO Park on Seattle’s south side. This is a limited edition run, now showing until February 19, 2023. The ZinZanni tradition of love, chaos and of course dinner is alive and well at this vintage venue. No tent, but a full bar is open, and the coat check room is in a huge old walk-in safe.

They make a stiff cocktail!

Curtains open, ready to be seated

Photo of menu items courtesy ZinZanni website

When you are seated, you will find the first course of your four course meal at your table. Tonight it was a wild mushroom tart with thyme-infused Madeira cream sauce. Second course was pumpkin soup with coconut and green chili sambal. The main course was your choice of meat, fish or vegetarian entrée. Chai panna cotta with a  blood orange glaze wraps up your feast for dessert. The four courses are brought to your table throughout the evening, at reasonable intervals, and not disruptive to the show.

The old warehouse becomes home to actors

The band, complete with Grand Piano

Now on with the performance! The setting here is an old warehouse of some kind. The trappings for the “Coming Home” show covered most, but not all of the old warehouse interior. Elaborate lights and sound systems were in place and provided technical support. The band was seated on an actual stage, and my did that small group of musicians put out an amazing variety of sounds.

Not enough can be said about the talented cast! Ben Wendel and Rachel Nehmer make up Duo Madrona, trapeze artist extraordinaire.  What they do is heart stopping!

Rizo is more than a superb vocalist. Her passion flows in every verse she sings, and her ability to hold a note seemingly forever will captivate you.

Vita Radionova defies the laws of physics with her contortion and hula hoop performance. As her act progresses, the number of hoops she uses increase!

Manuela Horn is the 6’2″ tall Yodeling Dominatrix. Yes, that’s what I said. Her antics keep everyone in stiches, and her interaction with one hapless audience member, well, it was interesting.

Elena Gatilova is a former World Champion of rhythmic gymnastics, and you won’t believe what she does on a suspended ring. Plus she is an excellent comedic actor.

Domitil Aillot trained at an internationally renowned Circus School in Paris. What he does with a stack of chairs from floor to ceiling will blow your mind, as will his performance on the Chinese Pole!

Michael Evolution is a world-class basketball freestyle juggler. Never heard of one? You are in for a treat! What this man does with three basketballs defies gravity!

Kevin Kent was a cast member of the original Teatro ZinZanni show in Seattle in 1998. His improvisation skills are unmatched, and his interactions with audience members in many different scenarios will have you surprised and in stiches. Enough said…

The Teatro Zinzanni trademark

Sher and Maj as taken by the Official Photographer

We were so glad when we heard that Teatro Zinzanni was back in business in Seattle. The new location works fine, and the cast, band and crew make for a delightful entertainment event. Learn more about the cast, band, menus and other points of information at the Teatro ZinZanni’s websiteDon’t miss a chance to catch this evening of love, chaos and dinner.

The Addams Family at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre

Indy’s Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre has published a general invitation to “meet The Addams Family” during October and most of November this year. We took them up on that invitation, and thoroughly enjoyed the performance Saturday night.

(snap snap) When you’re an Addams theme song

A B&B press release sets the stage: “Few things frighten the eerie Addams clan. But Gomez Addams faces a nightmare when his daughter, Wednesday, falls in love. What’s worse, she loves a boy Gomez has never met – who is from a respectable family. To complicate matters even more, Wednesday pleads with him not to tell her mother, Morticia, and Gomez must do something he’s never dared – keep a secret from his wife. Everything changes forever for the famously frightening family when they are put to the test hosting a dinner for the “normal” boyfriend Lucas and his parents.”

The (family) Ancestors and Uncle Fester (Kurt Perry)

That said, it should be noted that all of the cast were on point with the quality of their performances. Eddie Curry and Jill Kelly Howe portray Gomez and Morticia Addams with skills that successfully define their characters. The show begins with Uncle Fester “dancing on the graves” of ghostly Ancestors, who provide dancing choreography throughout the performance.

Jeff Stockberger as Lurch

Amanda Butterbaugh as Grandma









Shelbi Berry plays Wednesday Addams,  while Ray Gleaves plays her “normal” boyfriend Lucas. John Vessels and Sarah Hund play Mal and Alice Beineke, the ridiculously normal parents of Lucas. Mal and Alice have a hard time adjusting to the Addams macabre way of like, their house in a Park in New York, and just about anything Addams!

The Beinekes and Lurch

Wednesday challenges Lucas with a crossbow and apple on head

Wednesday sings while torturing Pugsley (Eli Neal)







The conflicts that arise between the Addams family members, Beineke family members, and each others set the tone for the hilarious interactions seen in Act to Act to Act. Gomez and Morticia clash over his lying about the engagement of Wednesday and Lucas. Mal and Alice had tough time with their marriage. Pugsley was worried about Wednesday leaving him so no more torture.

Gomez reacts to the news of the engagement ring

The humor in this production is constant and hilarious. Some scenes border on slapstick, others are filled with subtle references to current political issues. Uncle Fester is in love with the Moon. Yes, the moon that orbits Earth. His featured Act “The Moon and Me” will have you rolling in the aisle. Lurch greets the Beineke family with the classic “You rang?” line. He later gives a mime explaining his death (yes, Lurch is neither dead or alive) involving a motorcycle and a bunny.

Portrait of Gomez and Morticia Addams

The set, lighting and special effects for The Addams Family are very impressive and set the tone of the production. Costumes reach a level of creepiness that is , frankly, creepy. Eddie Curry’s artistic direction is spot on, and coupled with the music rounds out a delightful production. You will be perfectly and hilariously creeped out when you meet The Addams Family. Reserve your seats early! The theater was sold out when we attended. This is a great Halloween season show.

To purchase tickets online, visit Tickets are also available by calling the Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre Box Office at 317.872.9664 anytime between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesdays. A discount of $6 off per ticket is available to children ages 3-15. The Addams Family is rated PG-13 for some language, innuendo, and dark references.

Stockberger and Curry together in Beef and Boards “The Addams Family”

This is our Review of The Addams Family posted after we enjoyed the show!

Sher and I have been enjoying Beef & Boards shows for years now. Among our favorite performers are Jeff Stockberger and Eddie Curry. These two talented actors and directors always bring a spark to whatever production they are part of. And they really shine when they are on stage together. (Remember The Odd Couple performance a while back?) Their timing is perfect and they put you in mind of classic comedy duos like Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis or Abbott and Costello.

The Addams Family cast

Jeff Stockberger as Lurch

This October we’re excited to see that Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre is presenting the spooky-ooky macabre musical comedy The Addams Family  starring Stockberger and Curry, among other B&B veterans of the stage. The show opens tonight, October 6th. We’re going to the show Saturday night.

To purchase tickets online, visit  A discount of $6 off per ticket is available to children ages 3-15. Also check out VIP memberships for next year’s 50th Anniversary Season. There are some great ticket deals available for some awesome shows.

Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre presents “The Addams Family”

Back in 2015 Beef & Boards presented a production of The Addams Family. We missed that production but to our delight we will have a chance soon to see the same Tony Award nominated macabre musical comedy. Traditionally referred to as a show that is “creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky and altogether ooky” the 2022 cast is packed with B&B favorites as well as many of our favorite cast members.

Based on the cartoon characters created by Charles Addams that later inspired a television series in the 1960s and several films, The Addams Family opened on Broadway in 2010. The Beef & Boards production stars Eddie Curry, who reprises his role from our 2015 production as Gomez Addams, and Jill Kelly Howe (Million Dollar
Quartet, Ring of Fire, Lend Me A Tenor) as Morticia. Shelbi Berry (Honky Tonk Angels, Hello, Dolly!, Phantom) plays the role of Wednesday Addams, while Ray Gleaves (Escape to Margaritaville, Kinky Boots, Newsies) plays her boyfriend, Lucas. Also returning to reprise their 2015 roles are Jeff Stockberger as Lurch, Amanda Butterbaugh as Grandma, and John Vessels and Sarah Hund as Mal and Alice Beineke, Lucas’
parents. Eli Neal and Kurt Perry makes their Beef & Boards debuts in the role of Pugsley and Uncle Fester, respectively.


The Addams Family opens on October 6th and runs through November 20th. Pick your dates, reserve your favorite table and get tickets at the B&B’s website. Tickets are also available by calling the Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre Box Office at 317.872.9664 anytime between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesdays. Tickets include the dinner buffet , and don’t forget parking is always free.