Columbus Zoo Wildlights 2018 event

Reflection pond

With several family members in tow, Sher and I attended a very neat event at the Columbus, Ohio Zoo. The Wildlights event has transformed the zoo into a Christmas wonderland.

The crowd was already sizable when we arrived just as it was getting dark. We knew that we would not be seeing lots of animals, but were there for the light displays. The zoo covers a lot of acreage, so we were ready for a bit of walking!

Polar bear cub in lights

Beautiful trees





There was a pen with a couple of Santa’s reindeer you  could see. Our 4 year old grandson really liked the huge antlers on these beautiful creatures. There were a couple of polar bears who were outside in their enclosure so we could see them as well.

Reindeer (Caribou)

The centerpiece of the light show was around a pond just inside the zoo entrance gates. Thousands of lights “performed” by keeping beat with Christmas music. The show played every twenty minutes or so. Sher and I sat on a bench and enjoyed the spectacle while the kids hiked over to the gorilla enclosure, which, it turned out, was closed. We all enjoyed our trip to the zoo.


Arnold puts on a huge Sports Fitness Festival

We were visiting family near Columbus Ohio this weekend. We all piled into their van and headed out for the day. We ended up in downtown Columbus and were amazed by the huge crowd at the conention center for the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Fitness Festival. According to local media over 180,000 people attended the weekend event. This is a yearly event for Columbus,and is one of a series of events from around the world that carries Schwarzenegger’s name.

One company's banner with a vintage picture of Arnold

One company’s banner with a vintage picture of Arnold

The crowds were huge. We walked through the convention center to see all of the events in the outer hall ways. The actual event required an admission charge which we passed on.

The streets and sidewalks were packed!

The streets and sidewalks were packed!

The Navy Seals gave folks a chance to prove their strength

The Navy Seals gave folks a chance to prove their strength