Christmas Eve eve puzzle and fudge festivities

Our mean daughter, even though she made us homemade fudge, told us we had to get this 1000 piece puzzle put together before Christmas. We’ve got our work cut out for us. The fudge is delicious. 🎄🎅🤶

See an Elf in every point of light

Yes, that is what this pair of glasses claims, and we kind of have proof that it works. At “The Lights of Christmas” event last night we saw several kids at Santa’s Village store with cardboard framed glasses that looked like the 3D ones you get at the movies.














OK, we mentioned proof that these work.     Wait for it…      Wait for it…

No, not wearing the Elf glasses

(Cue drum roll) Are you ready???

Wearing the Elf glasses

Ta-Da!!! The thing actually works. Not bad entertainment for two bucks.

A great pair of ducks

Back again with another obvious (and blatant) ad for our Etsy online store. Today we listed more items, including this fine pair of solid brass duck head bookends. These  weigh in at a respectable 1 pound each and will support several of your most treasured volumes.

Update: The bookends have sold. Please visit our store from the safety of your home, especially this year. Here is the link: Roadtirement Vintage Etsy Store

Georgetown Texas Christmas lights event

It is that time of the year: Turning on the Christmas lights! Sher and I were treated to a ride with family to Georgetown, Texas, a cute and historic town north of Austin. The festivities were centered around the massive courthouse in the center of town. The crowds were absolutely huge, and you can see in the photo below it was shoulder to shoulder!

Tons of people getting that perfect cell phone shot!

We had a great time eating ice cream and listening to holiday music before the arrival of Santa. The red suited man of the hour made a dramatic appearance on the steps of the courthouse as thousands of lights blinked on on every building, tree, bush and light pole!

The band at The Uptown Social

After the lights came on we headed a block or two away to the fourth floor of an office building to The Uptown Social lounge. This upscale lounge featured some great bar food, including gourmet pizzas and pasta and great “fancy” cocktails. Adding to the enjoyment of our meal was the small but easy to listen to band.  A Holiday Lighting event is always a great way to get into the Christmas spirit.

A Dino Christmas at the Children’s Museum

The dinosaurs at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum are decked out in their Christmas regalia this year. Stop by and wish them a Merry Christmas!


Even the dinosaurs are celebrating the holidays at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum

The Indianapolis Children’s Museum is not only the world’s largest but it presents the finest Christmas celebration with a marvelous series of holiday activities sure to please the child in everyone.

Make sure that you visit the Children’s Museum website for all of the details including times open and a list of the activities. There are ticket plans available that will save your family a lot of cash.