The Asiatic Lilies bloomed over the weekend

Getting very close to busting out in full bloom on June 2nd

When we got back home from our Highway 40 sale we were greeted with this beautiful scene in the backyard flower and herb garden

Asiatic lilies emerging







These Asiatic lilies are emerging again in our flower beds. This is the second season for these bulbs to emerge. We split some lilies from our front yard and replanted those bulbs. These images are the result of those replanted bulbs. The lily in the header image emerged today.

Same flowers two and four days later

The amazing progress of flowers as they grow and bloom

More blooms to come

More buds showing in background









Two and four days ago we posted photos of one of our Asiatic Lilies and a rose bud just beginning to bloom. Today both plants displayed some great progress in the blooming arts, adding even more color to our backyard flower and herb garden.