Fun soccer game and pizza/burger dinner

Another look at Sher

It is so much fun watching young kids playing sports, especially when one of the athletes is your grandson! Tonight we all went to an exciting place named Arena Sports. One end of the place was filled with over 80 high tech video arcade games. Play these and redeem for prizes.

Our grandson, left, on the “field” waiting for the ball

But we were there for the soccer game our grandson was to play. He is in first grade and plays once a week in a league at Arena Sports. There were eight kids in his group/team. The first half of the session is spent learning the basics. There are two coaches giving the kids a four to one ratio of coach to players. The second half of the session is an actual scrimmage game with half the kids in colored vests, thus establishing teams.

Pizzas, burger, tots, soda and beer. Best possible food with which to watch your grandson’s soccer game.

Really good pizza and burgers are also available at Moe’s Kitchen at the Arena. We had a couple of pizzas, and I popped for a bacon cheeseburger and tater tots. The beer was good, too! The food was surprisingly good. Those in our party that had pizza were impressed with the quality.

What was most fun, as you can guess, was watching our grandson out there playing soccer. He was so energetic, constantly on the move, and playing very well. (No prejudice there. None.) He can really kick the ball and score goals consistently. It is evenings like this that make us so proud of our grandson, and also very proud of our daughter and son-in-law for the excellent job they are doing raising him. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be here with them.