Flying to Seattle

We finished a fun filled visit with family in Ohio, both Columbus and Cleveland area, and then it was off to Seattle for more family good times.

The airport is nearby

The John Glenn Columbus International Airport was our departure airport. It was not at all crowded, and we had no waiting to get through the security check point. This time we did not have to open any bags, nor did we have to put computers or other devices separately on those trays.

ID label was missing from this statue

Fresh chilled salads in this machine









They like their history filled time capsules in this airport!

A time capsule for 2029

This sealed 1981, no open date listed






We flew Alaska Airlines non-stop from Columbus to Seattle.

Taxiing to takeoff

Airborne, heading West

Our flight departed early and arrived early. It was reasonably smooth, although the landing was a bit harsh. We are ready for Seattle and our family here. We’ll keep you posted on some of the things we’re planning.


Alaska Airlines first experience

Wingtip and clouds at 35,000 feet

Our Indianapolis to Seattle trip started with an early departure time for Alaska Airlines Flight 501, non-stop to Seattle, which we felt boded well for the rest of our journey. The boarding was easy as we took advantage of the offer to get on early. (Being senior citizens does have benefits.) The flight attendant put my Sleep Apnea machine in the overhead compartment for me, which was helpful as the machine is very heavy.

Our flight took 4 hours and 38 minutes, according to the announcement at the beginning. Sher and I both had books to read stored on our phones. That helped to pass the time, and the one I had was in fact a very good and exciting story. Soon after takeoff the crew began to serve the snacks and drinks.  We were at the back of the aircraft’s cabin, so it took a while for the service cart to get to our seats.

The Boeing 737 800/900 is a very long jetliner!

A decent Cabernet Sauvignon from the drink cart







Once we were offered refreshments, we both opted for the red wine offering. At a price of $7.50 we were glad wine was available. As an extra treat, our flight attendant was kind enough to offer us an additional serving at no cost. Wine on board a flight at net $3.75? We’re ok with that!

All in all our first flight with Alaska Airlines was a very pleasant experience from start to finish. We checked our one bag at the counter in Indy and got our boarding passes there. As noted above, boarding was easy. The flight itself was mostly very smooth, only about 5 minutes of “rough weather” was felt. Once we landed and got with our daughter and grandson at the baggage claim we knew we had arrived. Now to start our visit…

Indiana to Seattle: fly or drive our RV?

Requires 33 hours drive time, one way. At least four or five days with stops.

That was the question. We were planning a trip to Seattle to visit our daughter, son-in-law and grandson. It was hard to decide as we love travelling in our RV. It gives us a place to stay so that we aren’t intruding on our daughter’s family all the time. It also gives us a chance to relax and be alone. Staying with them is lots cheaper and gives us more time with them and our grandson. They have a big house and we have our own room when we are there. On the other hand, is it fair to stay with them? I feel like it is a lot to ask having to put up with us.  If we drove we would need to be there for a longer time period, maybe 2 or 3 months. If we fly we can stay a shorter amount of time and go back for another visit sooner. Our grandson who is growing up fast (he is 6) and started 1st grade this year was a big part of our decision. We need to see him more often. We have done both and have been happy with each visit.

After much debating we decided to fly. This decision was based on many things. We didn’t really want a long road trip at this time. The coronavirus has kept us away from family a long time. We did have a quick visit as our son’s wedding, but we wanted and needed some quality time with each of our 5 kids and their families. We also thought that maybe we could help them while we were visiting. We can cook some meals and help keep the house straightened. When we decided to look at it as a we can help trip, instead of being a burden it became more definite that we should fly.

Flying time: 4 hours 53 minutes, non-stop (Photo courtesy Alaska Airlines)

So next week we begin our journey to Seattle, WA. We are flying on Alaska Airlines and were able to get a direct flight for a very good price. We bought our tickets with our Chase Freedom card and we like the points we get when we use it. We usually fly Delta and have lots of points built up on their plan, but couldn’t find a direct flight for the right times and dates. Our daughter tells us that the Alaska Airlines miles program and credit card are the best, so we will be looking into that. Would love any suggestions on what you think is the best travel miles and credit card choices. We check out and will often find good deals on his site. We don’t spend enough to really take advantage of his credit card finds, but we have made extra money by opening checking account he suggests. We get nothing by mentioning his site, but it is an interesting site to check out.

We are excited about our trip next week and have started packing. We will be posting pics of our bags in the next few days.