A huge tree remnant on I-5

An interesting sight at a rest area.

A quick stop at the Rest Area on the northbound side of I-5 at mile marker 207 (north of Seattle, Washington) led to a surprise. There next to the rest room building was a huge tree “stump” with a roof mounted on top. I had to investigate! It turns out that this huge tree has quite a history, including being moved for display more than once.

The story of this Western Red Cedar reads like a historic novel. If only it could talk and give some details about those who over the years came in contact with this magnificent tree. Loggers like Ole Rodway and Ole Reinseth must have been real characters.


Bogart in the 2nd floor window

Occasionally something will catch you eye as you are out and about. This happened to Sher and I a couple of days ago. We were in the town of Stanwood, Washington checking out the old buildings. We had read about one old saloon being haunted, complete with people spotting ghostly visions in second floor windows. Imagine our surprise when we at the same time spotted this faint figure in a second floor window!


Alas, it wasn’t a ghost. It was Humphrey Bogart.

View of the Everett Naval Station from Rucker Hill

This view was taken from the road around Rucker Hill in Everett, Washington. The Navy carrier, according to the number 68 is the Nimitz, a CVN class nuclear powered ship.










The other photo is of the Rucker Mansion, completed in 1905. It was the first home built on this high ground. The Rucker family was one of the original families that founded Everett.

The Stanwood Hotel and Saloon

The old Stanwood Hotel and Saloon in Stanwood Washington is a fascinating old structure with quite the history behind it. Not only is there “normal” history, but there is an amazing amount of “paranormal” history to this building as well.



We stopped at the Saloon for a bite of lunch. There were a few locals at the bar. The food was good and reasonably priced. The bartender/manager shared some ghost stories with us as she related the results of paranormal investigations that have occurred at the building.













This is a nice slice of history in this old logging town. Unfortunately the local museum was closed when we were there. We may catch it someday.






We enjoyed the Oxford Saloon in Snohomish

This afternoon we took a break from exploring downtown Snohomish, Washington with a stop at the Oxford Saloon and Eatery. We were there at about 3:00 pm so we grabbed a couple of sodas and a basket of fries off the appetizer menu. This is a fun place to take a break from shopping and enjoy the old pictures and stuff on the walls.




















Oh, yea, the basket of fries was great: hand cut and piping hot.

Home Depot Orange

Fall is the time for the leaves to turn. At this Home Depot in Everett, Washington the choice of landscaping trees in the parking lot matched the company color scheme.











The fall season is here, with the colors in Washington State sometimes hard to find among the evergreens!

Coming in for the landing

Every once in a while you capture a photo that is pretty darn neat, even if I do say so myself! Here is one of a seagull on final approach to the beach at Kayak Point Park in Snohomish County Washington.

IMG_0277 (2)

When  I first saw the photo I thought “Oh, so that’s how they do it!”

Kayak Point Regional Park

Nice picnic shelters next to the beach.

Nice picnic shelters next to the beach.

Today we took a drive north of Marysville, Washington towards Stanwood

Fishing pier

Fishing pier

on the Marine Drive road. We stopped at the Kayak Point Regional Park on the way.

The sky was cloudy, but the temperature was comfortable

This is a very nice park, and I bet it really gets crowded during the busy season.






October is the time for pumpkin picking

This looked like a good means of travel!

This looked like a good means of travel!

Today at the north end of Snohomish Valley, Washington it was absolutely beautiful with clear skies and temps in the low 70’s. A perfect day to go to a U-pick pumpkin patch! Sher and I went with our daughter and son-in-law to Carleton Farms. They had a lot of October type stuff to see and do. This place has a year round farm market, and their pumpkin patch was huge. It probably covered at least five acres.

Hay ride to the pumpkin patch! (That is the kids zip line on the right.)

Hay ride to the pumpkin patch! (That is the kids zip line on the right.)

A covered wagon hay ride took us down to the pumpkin patch. I’ve never seen so many wheel barrows lined up for your use! The place had lots and lots of people there, mostly families with kids of all ages. It was fun watching the little ones with eyes light up in awe of the hundreds of pumpkins on the ground.

What a variety!

What a variety!

A tiny fraction of the pumpkin picking area available.

A tiny fraction of the pumpkin picking area available.

We spent about half an hour or so picking out the pumpkins we wanted. It was amazing that there were so many different sizes and shapes available all still on the vine. There were kid sized zip lines too.

One of the pumpkin cannons. The range of this cannon was very impressive!

One of the pumpkin cannons. The range of this cannon was very impressive!

At the top of the hill the farm had two pumpkin cannons set up. These compressed air powered cannons were hurling small pumpkins for hundreds of yards into a corn field. Some went farther into a nearby stream, creating quite the splash on impact. Kids were really enjoying firing these cannons and watching the pumpkins soar!

The Carleton Farm also had a corn maze and was preparing for haunted activities for Halloween. They have an extensive website listing all the October fun planned.