25th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

Two sections of the Berlin Wall

Two sections of the Berlin Wall

Today, November 9th, is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Google Doodle tipped me off or I would not have known. We came through Rapid City SD last summer, and we spotted an interesting bit of history that applies to today’s landmark.

We were just driving around checking out the town and spotted a sign in a park next to the convention center that said “The Berlin Wall”. There is a memorial to the history of the divided city and the ultimate fall of Communism and the tearing down of the wall.

There are two sections of the original Berlin Wall displayed along with information filled plaques, signs and even old tank traps that were once used at Check Point Charlie, the only gate between East and West Berlin during the times of the divided city.

If you travel through the Rapid City area on your way to Mt. Rushmore, take a few minutes and go see this memorial. It is worth the time.

An ominous sign back then...

An ominous sign back then…


Pretty mountain vista

Beautiful views abound in the Mt. Rushmore area. As first time visitors Sher and I we just in awe of the majesty of this area of the country.



The splendor of the land is almost overwhelming. It leaves one speechless!


Story of the accidental view

The info sign tells why you can see George in profile from the Norbeck Parkway.

IMG_4586_resizedSeems plans do change even for George.



The lone sentinel on the cliff

The tree seemed to be the guard of the cliff overlooking the area.



The sun was out and shining bright.



George in profile

A profile of George at Mt. Rushmore.IMG_4532_resized

This is visible on the Norbeck Parkway.


Robot shaped balancing rock

That looks like a robot in the center.

IMG_4836 (2)_resized

Amazing that it still stands.


Sometimes your timing is perfect

One thing we have discovered about Roadtirement is that timing is sometimes everything. We hit perfect timing when we visited Mt. Rushmore. We were there on a Sunday in late August a week before Labor Day. The traffic was minimal, and the vehicle pull off on Route 244 where you can see George Washington’s face in profile was nearly void of cars.

All to ourselves!

All to ourselves!

Sure there were some vehicles that pulled in to the turn off, but very few stayed for any length of time. It seemed like we had that beautiful slice of Mt. Rushmore all to ourselves.