The Falls in color

After sunset the Canadian Falls, sometime called Horseshoe Falls due to its curved shape, become a display in color. Bright lights from the Canadian side of the river provide the spectacular effects.

We had a great time on a trip to Niagara Falls with one of our granddaughters in October 2019. If you ever go to see The Falls, we strongly suggest that you take a Grey Line Tour. They’ll pick you up at your hotel, or in our case our RV park. No problem with waiting lines for the Maid of the Mist or any of the other attractions on the tour. You don’t need to be on a honeymoon to enjoy Niagara Falls.

Duchess Market Place

Fishkill, New York is home to a vibrant shopping experience named the Duchess MarketPlace. The main buiding covers 100,000 square feet of indoor spaces occupied by a huge variety of vendors. A typical flea market, this indoor shopping offers just the kind of goods you come to know and love at a flea market. Open year round on Saturdays and Sundays, Duchess is a great place to browse.

During the months of March through December your treasure and bargain hunting is enhanced by the outdoor flea market. The entire south parking lot begins to fill with vendors every Saturday at first light. Some vendors set up tents and canopies while others simply set their wares out on tarps on the ground. Either way the sharp shopper can find all kinds of bargains during the good weather days. The outdoor spaces are filled with everything from new merchandise to what some would call garage sale junk.

The Duchess MarketPlace and outdoor flea market is easy to find. It is located on Route 9 south of I-84 Exit 13. The indooor market is open from 10 until 5 each Saturday and Sunday. The outdoor market opens early those days. Vendors begin setting up at the crack of dawn. Get there early for a chance at the best bargains!. More details are found on the Duchess MarketPlace website.