Hey, we went somewhere today

OK, for some of you, maybe it would not be a big deal. But for Sher and I our trip to the Buck Creek Winery was the first time in a year that we actually went out and went into a store. Yes a place where people go, talk, buy things and act kind of normal.

Our son drove us out and about today. Yesterday we noticed that our wine supply was running, well, low. So off to the Buck Creek Winery, about a half hour from our place.  We had our masks on and there was only one other customer in the winery  when we went in.  We felt comfortable, Joseph set us up to have a sampling of 6 different wines.

Our assortment purchase today

We ended up buying a case of assorted wines after a fun sampling experience. We belong to the Buck Creek Winery case club, which enables you to enjoy a 20% discount on case buys. Refer to the Buck Creek website for details.

Even though we have had our first dose of the Moderna vaccine, we were still somewhat leery of getting out. But we felt ok at the Winery today. Joseph  maintained social distance, was most polite and informative and he poured our samples. Oh, it was different wearing jeans with a belt instead of sweat pants.

Here we go again

Yep, more danged snow: enough already!

We had a day without snow, but with frigid temperatures. Some more snow was predicted, maybe an inch or so. However we had another “woke up, looked out and said wow” moment. We got another 5 inches of the white stuff. Fortunately we have been blessed with no interruptions in any of our utility suppliers.

Unexpected and surprising good news

In case you missed our last post, our COVID vaccine appointments were canceled due to the snow storm that basically buried the country.  OK, so yesterday our son and I went to Walmart to pick up one of my prescriptions. We almost didn’t go because I really didn’t need it til next week, and it was snowing at a pretty good clip.

My son went in to get the Rx. When he came out he told me the pharmacy tech had asked him if his parents had gotten their COVID vaccine yet. He told them no, their appointments were cancelled. She said for us to come in, they had extra vaccine today, no appointment needed!

I called Sher, told her the news, and to get ready. We drove back to the house and I changed into a shirt for easy baring of the arm. We were back at the Walmart soon, and within about 40 minutes we were vaccinated, held the safety 15 minutes after the jab, and had our follow up appointments made 30 days out.  What a great surprise on a snowy day.


Bad news and pretty good news

Completely unrelated but kind of cute photo

Which do you want first?  Ok, the bad news: We had appointments for our first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine scheduled for 3 PM this afternoon. Last night the State Department of Health sent us text messages stating that due to the impending snow storm our appointments were cancelled. Rats!

This large storm is all over the news. It is touted as one that affects millions and millions of people. (When did they start tallying how many are affected by snow, rain, hurricanes, etc.) We had about an inch of snow overnight. The big storm is supposed to hit here about 3 PM dumping up to 9 inches they say.

Oh yea, the good news. This morning we called the information number for vaccine scheduling. First we found out that after our appointments today were cancelled that we went to the back of the line. We were able, however, to get scheduled for next week on the 23rd. We will have to go to an adjoining county’s hospital, about a 20 mile drive. (The  soonest we could get in our county was March 15th.)

So we’re losing 8 days, and don’t yet know which vaccine, Pfizer or Moderna, so we don’t know about timing the second dose. We had made reservations at an RV park in Florida based on our first appointment date, but may have to change them. Time will tell.

Woke up, looked out, said wow

When we went to bed last night there was very little snow left on the ground,  Some light flurries were swirling around, but no measurable accumulation was forecast.

Every branch covered

Well, imagine our surprise when this morning we looked out and saw what was at least a six inch cover of fresh snow on the ground, tree branches flower pots and yard ornaments. In other words, winter in February in Indiana!

Orange barrels in winter

Road construction in the middle of our town continues this winter

Yes there are crews working today

What you see used to be a traffic circle. The new plan calls for the cross streets to intersect in the middle, passing straight through the town square.  Right now there is one lane each way running around one side of the old traffic circle. It’s quite confusing.

Big flakes and a covered bunny

Strange as it sounds, we’ve been waiting for a decent snow since we’re still stuck in Indiana. Snowfall is so pretty, and this evening it started at dark.  Up to 5 – 6 inches is forecast before morning, which is the most accumulation yet from any event this winter.

We noticed this little bunny just sitting in the yard seemingly really enjoying the snowfall. He was there long enough to begin to get a covering of snowflakes on his back. He sat there for quite a few minutes.

Snow is starting to stick!

This time last year we were enjoying an RV Resort in the Texas Hill Country west of Austin. With any luck we can get our covid vaccines sooner than later and be able to get on the road again.


What to do and so many choices

What to do and so many choices.  That is the situation we are in.  We sold our spacious 4 bedroom home with an in-ground swimming pool 5 years ago.  Our kids were all grown and college educated and we were ready for a big change.  So we sold our house and bought an RV to travel the country.  And that is what we did for 5 wonderful, exciting years.  Then coronavirus struck and shut down the US.  Being of the 65+ older population, yes we are “baby boomers”…we decided to play it safe and stay in our small 2 bedroom house in Indiana.  Plus, we have our youngest son, who is unmarried and takes care of the house while we are gone, that would be able to help us.  You know, grocery shopping, picking up our meds and etc.

Then we fast forward, or slowly forward to today.  Should we continue our adventures or should we acknowledge we are getting older and stay put?  It’s a big decision for us.  Our kids live in Washington state, Texas, Ohio and Indiana, we’ve always had fun visiting them while we travel.  We are pretty healthy and able to get around and take care of ourselves.  We’ve spent a winter in Harlingen, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley which we loved.  We were enjoying wintering in the Hill Country west of Austin when the virus hit the US and then we got coronavirsed in after retuning to Indiana.  We were going to spend this winter’s months in the southern part of Texas and visit our Texas family while there.

So, maybe writing it down has helped me see things clearer and I’m questioning why I’m even thinking of giving up our adventurous traveling lifestyle. We just wish we could get our COVID-19 vaccines sooner than later.