Missing a restaurant sit down

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit nearly every segment of people’s lives. We’ve been in isolation for over a month. Other than a very few times when we took a drive, we have been at home.

American comfort food

So many things that we used to take for granted are no longer available to do. Our favorite dinner theater is closed. We were going to a dinner and show this Saturday. Not now. The casino we usually enjoyed is closed. Even mundane shopping trips are out for us. Our son is doing that for us.

But we miss being able to have a nice restaurant meal.

Healthy food

Hmmm………real Mexican fare







It’s funny how you adjust to the self isolation thing. Keeping up with the news is a daily thing. Watching movies and TV series, surfing the net, reading blogs all are part of the daily routine. But dang, it sure would be nice to one evening decide if we want Mexican, Chinese, American or something else and just go. Nope, carry out or delivery is not the same as getting out.

Tucson’s El Charro Café lives up to its reputation

Sizzling beef and chicken fajitas at El Charro Café

Sizzling beef and chicken fajitas at El Charro Café

The folks at the RV park recommended that for some real authentic Mexican food during our stay in Tucson we should be sure to visit the El Charro Café. That recommendation turned out to be spot on.

The El Charro proudly proclaims that it is the nation’s oldest Mexican restaurant in continuous operation by the same family. The cafe opened in 1922 and is still in the same location near downtown. (There are two other locations in Tucson.)

Like most Mexican eateries a dish of salsa and tortilla chips was brought out as soon as we were seated. The chips were home made and a great way to enjoy the salsa. Our waiter, Andre, was most helpful in assisting us with our choices. Sher went with the Vegan Corn and Quinoa Tamales. I could not resist the “Sizzling Fajitas” combo with both beef and chicken.

The portions were approaching huge in size. Note the picture of my fajitas. The food was very very good. All of the offerings were served fresh and hot. The fajita’s skillet ‘sizzled’ for a good four minutes or so after it was brought to our table. Our food was served within a very short time after ordering. Both Sher and I really enjoyed our meal in this historic Tucson restaurant.

The El Charro Café should be on your short list for dining in Tucson. Our tab ended up a moderate $40 which included Margaritas. Here is their website. Ask for Andre when you go. He’ll take good care of you and your party.