We now have a store on Etsy

We have opened a store on the Etsy site. You can easily access our store through the page listing in the header, above, or at the link here: Roadtirement Vintage

WordPress insists on a Business Plan in order to install the Etsy plug-in. Nope, we are not going to make that spend. You are, however, most welcome to visit our Etsy store.

Currently we have our hand crafted beaded necklaces and Maj’s hand sewn leather medicine bags listed in our Etsy store Roadtirement Vintage. We will soon be be adding to our inventory by listing antiques and other vintage items as well.

Beaded necklace

Hand sewn medicine bag









We are excited about this new venture for us. The virus thing has kept us away from our usual means of marketing. Hopefully this Etsy site will allow us to share our products with our blogging and traveling friends.

Yes it bloomed

If you’ve been visiting Roadtirement for a while you know that we have been waiting somewhat impatiently for the Asiatic Lily to bloom. As you can see, it did bloom this morning.

Lots of buds still growing, so it looks like we’ll be blessed with more pretty blooms. Oh, and if you look in the lower right hand corner of the photo  you can just see some leaves of the mint that we also have growing. It smells so pretty!

A couple more photos from out front

In the front of Roadtirement’s  “home base” in central Indiana we have a mulched strip on either side of the front door. Here’s a couple of images:

This is a new rose bush that we planted about a week ago. The first rose bud is showing some color. There are two more buds developing to the right of the big one.

There are lots of little mushrooms showing up in the mulch beds. The remnants of maple tree whirligig flying seeds are also in view, along with some unidentified green sprouts of some kind.


So close to bloom

We have been watching this Asiatic Lily closely. We planted this last year when it was in bloom, and the growth this season has been impressive.




They say a watched pot never boils. The same idea fits flowers. We have been checking, sometimes twice a day. Yep, seems like a watched Asiatic Lily never blooms, but we’re getting close.

Finished with the mulch project

If you’ve been following along with some of the projects Roadtirement has been working on during our COVID-19 stay safe at home time, you will know that mulching has been a big part of our flower garden design. (Whew, what a long sentence!)

Herbs and wildflower starts on an old stump

Still needing a bit of grass/weeding work, but close to done

Our son has been such a great help in toting bags of mulch and spreading same. The herbs are doing very nicely, and seem happy to be on the remains of an old trees stump. Sher spread some wild flower seeds on the rich soil on the sides of the stump, and several seeds have already sprouted.

Progress continues on the flower garden

The past few days have been very productive in Roadtirement’s garden and landscape project list.  The primary task list included preparation for, and placing of a mulch base for the flower garden. Our son did most of this work.

A progression of progress

We still have a bit of mulch left to place. It will go around the old tree stump where Sher currently has a grouping of herbs. This stump may also end up as a Fairy Village.

Unfinished mulch job and placement of herbs on the stump

Close up view of one of the glacial rocks we collected for the garden







A better look at the “getting close to finished” project

In addition, Maj planted more trees that we got from the DNR. Our total tally ended up with two Black Cherry trees and three Tulip trees. We thought we only had two Tulip saplings,  when in fact we had three in the bundle.

Some more things spotted in the yard

Here’s some more images of some plants around the yard. We did get a nice thunderstorm this afternoon. I won’t have to water anything today.

We decided to use both sink compartments for flower plantings. We’ll get another something for a bird bath. Since we have put up the bird feeder our backyard has become very popular with the neighborhood avian population.








The rose bush is new, just got it planted a few days ago. We were surprised and happy to see the new bloom at the peak of the bush! Roses are so pretty…

Seen in our backyard

Just a couple of images from our backyard. This really isn’t a photo blog, but we do like to share pictures. So maybe it is a photo blog….








The writing tool is in the mushroom picture for scale. We got the Black Cherry tree at a local DNR giveaway. It is in a tomato cage to protect it as it starts to grow. We also got a couple of Tulip trees as well.